Raspberry Pi 2 kit available online, different takes on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Posted by jennycooper on March 14th, 2015

Since the first time Raspberry Pi was released in the year 2012, there have been innumerable upgrades, including Raspberry Pi 2, with an aim to offer the children and the educators with a single device to introduce the basics of computer science. After being introduced in the UK, not just the schools in the country but also in the Middle East expressed interest in getting this multipurpose card for their students. Very soon the teachers also wanted to have one to make the computer lessons less difficult and more interesting. Based on the requirements of the computer syllabus of GCSE, this single board computer no more than the size of a credit card, was programmed with animations and interactive tasks to make it easier for the teachers to complete the curriculum. To own the latest version the Raspberry Pi 2 kit you can visit a good online store and place your order.

The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, like its predecessors can be plugged into a desktop monitor or a television to access the programs and the Internet, as required. It also has word processor and spreadsheets so that children can use them for their projects at school. Going a step above the last model, the Pi 2 can be used for high power projects as well. This model is highly recommended to be used in schools by the computer science teachers so that learning the skill becomes fun and practical instead of just being contained within the textbooks. The Raspberry Pi 2 kit which is available online is very competitively priced and comes as a perfect starter kit for those who are just about to begin their journey on this new found path.

The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B comes with a multi-core - quad-core, 900MHz Broadcom BCM2836 SoC. You can also connect the USB ports to high power consuming devices as the upgraded USB ports have the capacity of supplying power up to 1.2A. The best part about this model is its price – in spite of so many useful upgrades, the price hasn’t towered exceptionally high, as it usually happens with technology upgrades. You can either get this board as a standalone device or as a part of the well sorted out Raspberry Pi 2 kit which is selling like hot cake on the Internet.

The Raspberry Pi 2 kit usually comes in two varieties considering what kinds of components would be more suitable for the users. The 1GB Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with a clear enclosure case, 200 Page Vilros Raspberry Pi User Guide, Heatsink for Raspberry Pi, set of 2 heat sinks, HDMI cable, wireless Wifi adapter and USB power supply with micro USB cable are common to both. While one contains the, 8GB Micro SD Card pre-loaded with NOOBS and SD Card Adapter the other one just has high speed Kingston micro SD Card pre-loaded with "NOOBS". One kit will give a bit more than the other including breadboard, jumper wires, GPIO ribbon cable with breakout board, 10 Yellow LEDs and 10 Red LEDs, 45PC 330ohm Resistors, 45PC 10K Resistors, 2X big 12mm button.

Resource Box: The Raspberry Pi 2 is available online as Raspberry Pi 2 kit in two varieties. 

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