Windows 10 – Is It Worth It?

Posted by Aguilar Dyer on February 26th, 2021

I have a family which has multiple computers and mobile phones and many other devices that could be on Windows. I've all my home computers setup for Windows 10, but I just chosen to try it out on one machine; a classic ROG notebook that I am using for GRG's ARK: Survival Evolved Dedicated Server. In case you haven't heard or you are still searching for more insight into Windows 10, then it is still incompatible with many of the current games and several other"major" regions of the internet. Though Windows 10 brought with it DX12; which incidentally appears to be the only method to get DX12 at the instant; it brought with it, as usual, many bugs, incompatibility problems, and the regular host of other problems that someone knows they'll escape a Microsoft Operating System.

Supposedly, DX12 brings with it an extremely nice use for AMD based Radeon graphics cards, but I cannot test that out at this time because of the incompatibilities with all the matches that I would play to test that out correctly. Therefore, in the meantime, I have been utilizing it with this old gaming laptop because about 14 days ago and I will allow you to know what I have discovered thus far. Besides the nearly twice a week massive update fixes for Windows 10, thus far it's been a very stable operating system. I have not seen any mad BSOD's but I have also not seen the supposed"pluses" that were supposed to come with going to Windows 10.

The"new" browser is merely a remade Internet Explorer plus they just re-designed the IE logo with some literally"advantages" so probably why they called it"EDGE". Despite the fact that they more or less reused the IE logo and that Edge is more or less updated IE, it's as sleek as they say it is. 1 thing that Edge isn't though is less taxing on memorycard. It uses just as much memory as the branded Internet Explorer failed and in some instances maybe just a little bit more. The interface seems a tiny bit clunky and it was more like they were attempting to match just a little bit of both how Firefox and Chrome browses the internet. Personally, I like neither of those two browsers, but unfortunately I am now starting to run into sites where those are the only two browsers that are supported, that is bullshit in my opinion. Perhaps coders will have a second look at Edge and allow it to function as"third" choice"again" so that everyone has a decision with the way they wish to navigate. I know so many people who have had troubles with IE for many, many years, nevertheless I have been using it since its inception and the only issues I have ever had with IE happen to be minor rather than browsing breaking. Perhaps it's more to do with using unknown apparatus more than the browser itself. It would be like placing your grandparents in a VCR class from the 1980's and them going WTF do I do with this (you guys/gals on your late 30's to early 50's understand this battle ).

I don't have anything to say on DX12 I have never said above. There is not a game I play, besides ARK that I can play Windows 10 yet. Additionally, considering that I set Windows 10 on an older gaming system with only a GTX-M 560, I have no true means to test out the gaps. Except that, prior to Windows 10 on this same system, my ARK frame rates were roughly 5-7 FPS lower than they are currently in ARK, but that could be because ARK is coming along nicely and their programmers have been pushing more optimizations recently than adding fresh material and stuff. As a wise person, I have chosen to wait a minimum of three months before even trying to incorporate Windows 10 for my main gaming system. This ought to provide the allotted four to six weeks for patches and hot fixes and the rest of time for Microsoft to get this OS compatible with over 90% of the games on the market, both current and older. If anything the 1 thing I've found with Windows 10 and memory usage is my ARK server uses more memory pole Windows 10 than it did with Windows 7 Guru. Ahead of Windows 10, my host utilized 2.3GB of RAM. Post Windows 10, the exact same server utilizes 2.6GB to 2.7 GB of RAM while idle. Though a small difference, it will use more.

There's one major positive I noticed when I upgraded the laptop to Windows 10 that lots of you that have not upgraded might discover useful. Like previous version, we all know the hassle of needing to backup multiple match files, data that we need to keep, etc and so on. I didn't have much on this old machine because I had done a recent reformat once I thought about selling it, but I'd have a few games on it like Heroes of The Storm, Hearthstone, ARK (for the server), and a couple other games that had made"save documents" in the respective areas that these games do this.

So I figured, what the hell that is not a lot of games to have to reinstall, so no big deal ? The upgrade took about 45 minutes, so it did the usual turn off your system and on, rebooting, the whole nine yards. Not a lot accessible throughout that time, so I made it to do its things and moved outside for a while to run some errands I needed to do this day.

When I came back, I had a nice glossy install and after accepting the regular things like system name, time of day, setting time zones, etc., I was logged into Windows 10 for the first time. Low and behold, Windows 10 did not delete anything out of my system except for the old Windows 7 documents. That is right, I said DID NOT DELETE anything. All of my games were accessible as if they were recently installed and I didn't lose any rescue info. Now, I have no idea if this holds true for others who have upgraded or are considering it. I do not know if this is situational, but in my instance, I did not bother backing up because I figured a new start was okay at the point.

Many of the sites discussing Windows 10 will inform you that you should back up your save games and some other data that you want to be certain to keep. I would also recommend this because you never know what could go wrong with a Windows setup. However, I just wanted you all to know that in my case, everything was as it had been before, only on the more recent operating system. It's your system to check out it, so if you eliminate stuff, you're warned to back it up anyways just to be on the secure side.

Does this load up faster? It does just a bit. This older laptop still has HDD's inside with no SSD boot drive. Windows 7 took about 30 to 45 minutes to load up regardless of being loaded up with multiple software games and data or without. Under Windows 10 this same system takes an average of 20 minutes to load up, which in my opinion is a far greater load period. Of course, results will likely change depending on what you've got Windows 10 loaded upon. I am curious to find the load times on my SSD's once I believe it is safe to update because I see 7 minute load times today with Windows 7 Pro. Odds are that with SSD's there will be diminishing returns, so HDD's glow with Windows 10 at this stage.

Could I revert to my old operating system when I liked say Windows 7 or 8? Yes, you can, but just for a limited time. You have about 30 calendar days from the date of install to change your mind about Windows 10. You can visit some other sites that tell you how it is possible to revert to your previous operating system. Remember though, if you're one of about 20 percent of the population who are using a pirated version of Windows which you may want to stay with Windows 10. By what I have read in the various posts, you can just revert to an older OS provided that it was a valid OS product; meaning that you triggered it with the KEY which came with it. In the event that you were using a pirated version of Windows, then you may not have the capability to revert. Then again, I suppose if you're using a pirated version you will find a way to make it work. We're GRG do not condone the use of pirated software and you should always get a legit copy of whatever it's you are using. After all, even if you enjoy it so much that you are using it, at least support the manufacturer or coders of the product by becoming a legit proprietor.

Microsoft is offering Windows 10 as a free update to all former Windows users for one year. After this year, you'll have to buy the upgrade of complete version like everyone else. My recommendation is that you wait three calendar weeks before upgrading. But if you're experiencing massive issues with your current OS and you have been thinking about reformatting, try Windows 10 first and see if your problems become fixed. What is the worst thing that will happen? You'll need to reformat anyways. If you are a distance learner in faculty, Windows 10 isn't compatible with all the E-College program yet, so in the event that you know on this platform stay away from Windows 10 until these schools catch up with the times. I've heard that other distance learning programs for schools are also having issues with getting their websites setup properly for Windows 10, also, so be sure that you research your need versus your desire when dealing with Windows 10.

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