How to Confidently Wear a Red Dress

Posted by printdress on March 16th, 2015

It truly takes the perfect attitude to wear a red dress confidently. If you love being the center of focus and are gifted with super self-confidence, then you most likely wear a lot of red. But for those of us who are used to wearing it, wearing a cheap red dress can be nerve racking practice,  too much of it can make you look intimidating and the bad shade can make you look washed out. So, here are some simple tips to offer you the confidence to finally purchase that red dresses you have been eying.

Red can look perfect against black, pale and in-between skin and it can look especially perfect on redheads. The primary thing you need to take into account in which red shade is top for your own skin tone.  Some red have blue undertones, some are cool and some are warm. Before purchasing your red dress, consult a color chat to get an idea of the top shade for you or easily try a variety of shades against your skin. If you have time, consider having your colors done by an expert.

It is vital to team red with the perfect colors so selecting the perfect accessories is important. A general mistake is to learn a red dress with black, which only deadens the color. Pewter, silver or nude-colored shoes work perfect. Gold and silver jewelry both work perfect. It is not sensible to wear red with white. If you are planning to wear a red print, it is perfect is the print is mixed with orange or pink but not green. Keep in mind that a sexy red dress in itself so when selecting the dress style, it is a perfect technique to go with a more humble style. There is no need for plunging necklines or for the dress to be skin solid.  Ensure that dress fits you well and that panty lines and cleavage are kept in check. It is amazing too stick with easy accessories so as not to take focus away from the clothes.

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