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Posted by Luke Shanahan on February 26th, 2021

Having the right family lawyer has its benefits. It helps you to reach the best legal result without having to spend much time on the legal hassles.  Good family lawyers will listen to your family problems and then provide the best consultation that you need.  So, having a good family lawyer means lower costs, faster results, and fewer emotional battles.  However, when it comes to choosing the right kind of lawyer, most people often tend to make the wrong choice.  So that you do not end up doing the same, here are some tips.

Take time to gather information

When you are trying to hire a particular lawyer for your family law issues, you need to ensure that you have the right one.  It is understandable that you will have questions.  These can help you to evaluate level of experience and expertise of your lawyer.  Such questions are perfectly normal.  Clients can often become disheartened because the lawyer they choose did not meet the client’s expectations.  Be careful when you are selecting one.  If you have already selected one, you are certainly able to approach another family lawyer to get a second opinion if you are unsure.

Choose someone you are comfortable with

Whether it is divorce or separation or a child custody battle, you need to find a family lawyer with whom you sometimes must share your deepest and the darkest problems.  So, it is imperative to choose someone with whom you are comfortable with.  After all, you are retaining a family lawyer to hear everything about your family to obtain their informed and unbiased opinion, right?  So, keep this point in mind.

Shanahan Family Law will have at the core of their values a desire to help their clients move through their family law issues in a dignified manner and as quickly as possible.  If you are experiencing distress in relation to a family law matter, or you even have a family lawyer already and are seeking a second opinion, Shanahan Family Law are more than happy to assist.

About the author:

Luke Shanahan is the principal Solicitor at Shanahan Family Law.  His superpower is negotiating and structuring outcomes.  He gets a kick out of assessing a legal situation, seeing a variety of possible approaches, weighing up the personalities involved and anticipating their likely responses.  And then determining the best approach to take to resolve the concerns of the parties as quickly and as painlessly as possible.  He loves being able to go through the journey with his clients, supporting them with the peace of mind that comes after their matter has been resolved and helping them build a better outlook for their future.

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