The Role Played By Google In Translation

Posted by articlelink01 on March 17th, 2015

Any time you mention Google, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is that it is a search engine with all the answers. Nevertheless, this time round we want to look at the role that Google has played when it comes to translation of one language to another, and its convenience to the users in the different capacities.

What is Google translating?

The Google translate can be defined as kind of a multilingual service that is provided by the Google inc to help in the translation of any text written from a particular language to another. Previously, before the year 2007 this translates was based on the software engine that is known as SYSTRAN. Although things have changed over time it is still used by some services to do with translating which include yahoo, AOL as well as the Babel fish. For some time, this translating method has made use of the in house form of technology. You should note that this technology bases on a statistical machine type for this purpose.

In the year 2011, Google came with the news that the API that was being used by the software developers was no longer going to be functional by the first date of the month of December of the same year. The decision was made because it was considered as a burden economically since many across the world were abusing it.  A number of developers saw the move was not good. They went ahead to criticize the company because API was using several third party types of websites during its existence. They went on to question the viability of them making use of the Google API in some of the products that they are specialized in production. When a lot of pressure was mounted on Google, it was forced to change its stand over the matter. This led it to the decision that it was going to have API continue to exist but as a service that people were required to pay for.

Best features of translation by Google

Among the things, you are likely to enjoy from service by Google include the web interface, the interface for the IOS as well as the Android. You can use the API as a developer in the building of extension to do with the browser, the various applications or any other software. There are certain languages that Google has the ability to produce a text that is already fully translated, the corresponding words highlighted in the text that is the source and the one that is the target. This is meant to help serve as a dictionary that acts well for the single word kind of input. When you make a selection of the language that is to be detected, you will be in the position to detect the text in question.

Google has made the translation process simpler. While you are using the Web interface, as a user, you have the ability to make alternate kind of translations. This may include the technical terms as well the corrections of the mistakes that are bound to arise in the process. In the future updates, the suggestions in question will be included. You can enter the text using the keyboard for some languages. The recognition by speech or the handwriting can also be used for the text that needs to be translated by the end of the day.

Google translate is among the best tools you can use to understand any language. These days, there is nothing you have to worry about when you need to translate something. While you are using the Web interface, as a user you have the ability to make alternate kind of translations.

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