Wedding Gift Registries: Couples' Most Common Questions

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

The bakery agreed to make your almond-flavored multi-tiered cake. You found a bridesmaid's dress in just the right shade of robin's-egg blue. Finally, the wedding plans are falling into place. What about your wedding gift registry?

Today, the options for wedding gift registries are endless. To help cut through the clutter, Demetra Bernard of Springmaid home fashions answers these common questions about wedding gift registries.

Q: Where should brides and grooms look for registries?

A: Virtually every retail outlet offers a registry, making it easy to find everything you need, from pillows to power saws. There is no rule that says all of your registered items need to come from one place. For example, you can choose Egyptian cotton sheets from Wal-Mart, tools from Lowe's and a retro telephone from Pottery Barn.

Q: Is it better to register in the store or online?

A: How you register is a personal preference. The benefit to registering in the store is the "touch factor." You can feel the softness of a towel or see if the ecru-colored blender matches your other appliances. On the other hand, registering online means that you don't have to adjust your schedule around store hours. Online registries also are easier for gift-givers, especially far-flung family and friends who might not live near the store.

Most brick-and-mortar stores now have their registries accessible both in the store and online so you can decide which method works best for you.

Q: What do most people forget to put on their registries?

A: One of the most forgotten items are blankets. For some, it's a utilitarian item that's easy to overlook. For others, it's just too confusing to decide on a fabric. Choosing between cotton, thermal, flannel, acrylic, down-filled, knit, woven or herringbone can make your head spin. But although it may take a few minutes to get educated on the best blanket for you, having one on your bed or in your linen closet is a must, especially when your new spouse turns down the thermostat!

Q: Should couples register for the "really good stuff"?

A: The tradition of wedding gift-giving started as a way for family and friends to help newlyweds - who were moving out of their parents' homes and into an empty house - set up their new home. Today's brides and grooms are marrying later in life and likely have lived on their own (at college or in an apartment) and have already accumulated some of the basics. So a registry can be the couple's chance to indulge in the really good stuff.

They shouldn't feel guilty, as the good stuff isn't all that expensive anymore. Springmaid, for example, offers high-quality linens - 300-thread count and 100 percent cotton - for about $50.

As people continue to seek out luxury offerings for their own homes, it's likely they will be willing to spend a little bit more to assure their families and friends get a taste of luxury, too. - NU

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