How did you locate these world of warcraft gold farms?

Posted by bancroftgold on March 17th, 2015

How did you locate these world of warcraft gold farms?Ge Jin: I've got a friend who was simply operating a gold farms in Shanghai since 2003. So his gold farm will be the first one I visited. My mate’s gold farm closed in 2005, so did most gold farms in Shanghai. Many of them migrated to smaller cities with lower housing and human resource costs.So I contacted other gold farms through my pal’s old network… I used to be fortunate to get several gold farms that were offered to me in Jinhua, Nanjin, Lishui and Hangzhou. Again I used to be lucky to win their trust. It’s probably because I’m from your same background several gaming workers (many gold farm owners were former gaming workers.) Were gold farmers afraid the Chinese government would shut them down?GJ: Things that allowed me to film there have been not afraid since they're located in cities where local goverments are tolerant of this industry. There is no national policy regulating this new industry yet, so it’s nearly a nearby governments to evaluate.Most local governments don't have any motive to seal down these gold farms, because they reduce unemployment and also lessen the crime rate by reducing unemployed male youth for the street. Some gold farms refused my visit since they don’t want to pay tax and want to operate underground, or they may be worried that their labor practice is problematic… Precisely what does WoW gold farming suggest regarding the future of work?GJ: I do believe these gold farms indicate that this game platform gets the possible ways to engage lots more people in Internet-driven economy. The gaming workers in China don’t have skills like English, software or graphic design to be involved in other designs of Internet-driven work, nonetheless they can communicate and navigate in a 3D game world whose tools and routines they may be familiar with… In case more social and economic activities happen in an accessible 3D game world, people who don’t get access to other culture capital but gaming knowledge could be more likely to be a part of global interaction. fgi4tmf

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