The importance of link building for SEO

Posted by dawson12 on March 17th, 2015

The reason for the prominence of any popular website would be its search engine ‘friendliness’. Websites appear on the page of a search engine result depending on how well it is promoted. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is aimed at increasing the visibility of any website that requires promotion.

Since any website is, after all a business, SEO is the newest addition to the service industry. There are companies and agencies that exclusively work to promote web pages so that they attract more visitors.

Methods of SEO

A web page’s value to any search engine can be manipulated by adopting a number of search engine optimisation methods. Content for the website can be designed to contain key terms, phrases, images, etc. which a search engine is likely to detect. Links can be built into sites that redirect visitors to other websites so that they may be visible to search engines. SEO also aims at promoting the unique features of the page to improve prominence.

What is link building?

In lay terms, a link is an address that leads to a particular page on the internet. Any web page usually has many links embedded within it which redirect to other pages. Thus, link building is the process of enhancing the number of incoming links to a page.

The web is an intricate network of links, so to speak, which all connect to each other. Within this system, links can be segregated in three categories:

  • Internal links lead to other links within the same website
  • Deep links redirect to pages on different websites
  • Inline links direct to content on other websites.

As link building is crucial for promotion and generating brand awareness, it has developed into a service that many web developers are specialising in.

Link building services

It is simple enough to build links within your own website. But it is an altogether different issue when it comes to external sites. This is where companies that build links come in. They build links on other people’s pages that revert back to your page. This ensures visibility for your site on another page.

Why do you need this service?

Link building is a great marketing technique which aims at popularising your site on search engines. They use external links to decide your site’s ranking on its search results. The more quality links that are created for your site, the more attractive you are to the engine. External links also increase traffic to your webpage. This draws new customers and visitors and works wonders as a promotion tactic. Link building, if done well, means placing your link in the right pages so that you attract the right customers. The service that your hire should have the right contacts so that they can place your links in trustworthy and popular pages.

Link building services are provided by a host of companies and it is crucial to ensure your site is being placed in reputable pages so that you do not get embroiled in legal difficulties.

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