Responsible & Sustainable Harvesting with Zero Turn Macadamia Harvester

Posted by Ali Tariq on February 27th, 2021

Today, it is a goal of every company to keep their products eco-friendly. They prefer to deal with native producers and farmers who can make sure that each step in the taken in the harvesting job does not harm the environment in any way. For this purpose, they practice responsible harvesting and sustainable farming by making use of a zero turn macadamia harvester. You may get confused that how is it possible. Here are some steps that can ensure the state of the natural rainforest.

Herb collection:

When it comes to harvest herbs, it is important to take care of its fragile state and does not cause any harm to it. Overharvesting, as well as over tiling of land, has been considered as the behind the current delicate state of our ecosystem. As such, farmers should make sure that the harvesting machines we generally source from abiding by rules when it comes to the time of herb harvesting. Most essentially, harvesting of the herbs must be done at the right time. This is necessary because harvesting the herbs on their right time make sure that the best tasting and maximum yield is obtained in terms of medicinal properties.

If a farmer harvests the herbs too early or too late, then it will result in an undesirable quality and lack its medicinal value. But the proper time for harvesting herbs varies from one species of herb to another. Mostly, the leaves are gathered once the flower buds have fully flourished but before the opening of flower buds. And if the seeds are of large size, these are collected by hands, but if the seeds are of smaller size, these are dusted onto a cloth for collecting them.

The farmer must have knowledge about which part of the plant they need to harvest and make sure that the harvesting machine harvest only that particular part. If you use your harvesting machine on other parts of the land that are not intended for harvesting, it is not only a wasteful act, but you are also damaging to the environment. This is highly impermissible as it creates unbalancing in the entire ecosystem as each living thing is dependent on others and gets something from it.

Moreover, any equipment and tool used for harvesting purpose must be cleaned, especially from any previous harvest leftovers. All the tools must be cleaned as it can prevent contamination from fungi as well as from bacteria. The previous harvest may contain rotting matters that can contaminate the current harvest, and it will result in declining the quality of the herbs as well as resulting in fungi attack. So care is necessary to avoid any kind of unnecessary plant damage.

Sustainable farming:

This farming is practised for the purpose of farming herbs. This type of farming is done by using all-natural products that are not artificially prepared in the laboratory. In sustainable farming, there are several aspects and factors. From the fertilization of the soil to choose the proper plants as well as to keep pests away and using weeds, all these things must be taken into account when practising this type of farming. There are various methods to grow plants and do farming without using pesticides.

For the purpose of growing plants without making use of pesticides, crop rotation is used. It exploits the growth of a certain pest by the growth of another plant which is not included in its food. Legumes such as groundnuts are combined as they are richened with much-needed nitrates into the soil. This makes the herbs healthier.

And for the control of any kinds of pests, different herbs are used to repel the pests. For example, to repel root maggots, garlic is planted, and for weed control, mulching is used such as woodchips. A thin layer of woodchips is spread over the ground, which not only helps in decreasing the weed population, but it also helps in keeping the soil moisture.

So these are the best ways that you can use to do responsible harvesting and sustainable farming with the use of a zero turn macadamia harvester. These harvesters are not only best for the harvesting of macadamia, but these are also used for the harvesting of some other nuts as well.  

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