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Posted by AldoMoore on March 18th, 2015

Can the name of your loved one be inscribed on a cemetery before burial and when a bronze memorial is bought in advance; should it be inscribed at that time or during the time of death?

The name of a loved one can be inscribed on a cemetery before his or her burial. Some people even select to have a couple tomb stone done and have both the names inscribed on it during installation for the first death. They just leave the dates off and include these later on.

When a bronze memorial is brought in advance, it can either have it inscribed at the time of purchase making it less expensive or at the time of death.  Your loved one can purchase a cemetery plot through the cemetery property, re-sales brokers or advertisements given in the newspapers or choose cemetery online

6 Public holidays and few traditions related to cemeteries

  1.                     I.            Memorial Day, a day of remembrance the men and women who had died while serving (celebrated on the last Monday in every May in U.S.A.)
  2.                   II.            Day of the Dead, a public holiday in Mexico celebrated every year from 31st of October to 2nd of November.
  3.                 III.            National Day of Mourning, a day marked by mourning of the death of a person. 
  4.                 IV.            Obon or Bon festival, a Japanese- Buddhist practice which is celebrated in Japan for 3 consecutive days from 15th of August to honor the spirits of one’s ancestors.
  5.                   V.            Soul Saturday or Saturday of Souls- It is celebrated as a show of respect of the dead. Saturday is an observation day for prayer for the dead as Christ lay dead in the Tomb on this day.
  6.                 VI.            All Soul’s day- In Western Countries, it is celebrated widely among Christian churches on 2nd of November as a prayer for the dead.

A few disposition of remains from cemeteries

  • Grave Robbing  and Exhumation

Factors to be considered when choosing a cemetery     

For those people who have lost their beloved ones forever, selecting a memorial stone or cemetery is more than just picking up a stone. Choosing a cemetery for your near and dear ones is an important, emotional as well as overwhelming task for both you as well as your loved ones.

  1. Location- If your loved one who has died will be buried in a cemetery, the first thing to inspect is where to bury the dead body. Most families select a cemetery which is either nearby their homes so that they can frequently visit the cemetery or near to a favorite vacation spot. While others prefer to be buried in the place they were born and brought up. Thereby, ask your friends, family members, relatives, or funeral directors for both the names and the addresses of cemeteries meeting your needs.
  2. Selection of a good cemetery provider- They are the ones who will be able to provide you with any available plots, the costs in purchasing your plots and regulatory information by offering full support and meeting your ultimate needs. Never haste into making a decision unless it is very urgent.
  3. 3.       Rules and regulations- Cemeteries control the memorial stones placed on graves within their burial grounds. Cemeteries have stern rules on how soon a grave marker can be laid. Even though rules and regulations differ from state to state, all cemeteries should be fully license d by the state else it will be cancelled by the State Government.

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