Botox Acts As an Important Medicine for Migraine Pain Relief

Posted by BeautyVials on March 18th, 2015

Botox, the popular drug for treating facial wrinkles have got approval from the FDA, to treat chronic migraine headaches in adults. Apart from its cosmetic usage, Botox also has a number of applications in different medical conditions such as Cervical Dystonia, over reactive bladder, back pain, hyperhidrosis and a number of other conditions; and now it has been approved as an important medicine for migraine pain relief. However, the treatment should be carried out only on adult people, after confirming their medical history.  Migraine, which affects about 12% of American population, has been found to be effectively reduced by Botox treatment.

How it works

The question, how exactly Botox helps in reducing the extreme headache associated with chronic migraine, has not yet been sufficiently answered. In this case, Botox does not work through relaxing the overactive muscles, like it does in case of Cervical Dystonia, lower back pain, neuropathic pain or bladder pain. Botulinum toxin is believed to have inhibitory effects on the release of peripheral nociceptive neurotransmitters which might have a direct effect on the central pain processing system that generates the extreme headache associated with migraine. Researchers are ongoing to confirm the expected way of work of Botox on Migraine headaches.

The treatment

Botox is a magical drug, but for the best results and lower side effects following a strict process of treatment is essential.  To treat chronic migraine Botox is given at an interval of 12 months. In each session, multiple injections of Botox are injected around the neck and the head which is believed to dull future headache symptoms. According to the manufacturer of Botox, Allergen Inc. when using Botox for treating chronic migraine, 31 Botox injections should be injected into seven specific sites of the head and neck. According to the reports, when Botox is injected at labelled dosages in the recommended areas, it is expected to produce desired results, which can last for up to three months depending on other conditions of the patient. However, the treatment is advised, only for people with a history of migraine and who suffer from excruciating migraine headache on at least 15 or more days of every month.

Buying Botox

This multifunctional drug has always been in high demand since its first release in the market. Cosmetic and medical professionals often need to maintain a large stock of Botox so that they can provide their patients with the adequate dosage of the drug. Botox is available at a wholesale rate in the online medical outlets, and medical practitioners can buy a fresh stock of Botox easily from the reputed online stores at a highly discounted price.

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