Treatment Of Cervical Dystonia Is Possible Through Botox

Posted by BeautyVials on March 18th, 2015

Apart from cosmetic treatments Botox also has vital applications in treating a number of serious medical conditions. Botox is used as a first line of treatment for Cervical Dystonia. Cervical Dystonia is a painful condition which affects the neck and shoulders. The symptom of CD includes involuntary contraction of the neck muscles which results in abnormal movement and awkward posture of the neck and head. Botox or Botulinum toxin A has been found to have the capacity to relieve the pain, helping in more comfortable neck position. For the maximum number of patients suffering from Cervical Dystonia Botox is a magical drug that helps in living a comfortable and better life. According to the results of a clinical study, patients of Cervical Dystonia who receive Botox treatment had a better head posture and the neck pain was much less intense, and the frequency of occurring of the pain had also reduced. The overall effect of the treatment helped them in improved ability to perform daily activities.

How the drug works

Botox is primarily a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, and can be deadly for human as well as animals when used in higher concentration. The neurotoxin has the capacity to paralyze muscles, temporarily. The toxin blocks the nerves that carry the sensation to the muscle, thus paralyzes it for a long time, but not permanently.  When used in proper concentration, Botox can paralyze particular muscles relieving stress and sprain.

The effects of the drug are localized with the help of advanced formulation techniques, and it can provide exceptional results in treating Cervical Dystonia. The signals that cause muscle contraction and neck pain in CD reaches the muscles through the nerves; Botox when injected into that particular muscle, it blocks the signals that cause contraction and pain of the muscle. As a result, muscle spasm is either stopped or reduced to a great extent. The effects of single Botox treatment in Cervical Dystonia can last up to 3 months, after the time the treatment again needs to be repeated for the best results. Usually Botox is used in combination with oral medicines, and physical therapy to treat Cervical Dystonia. For patients of CD who do not respond to Botox treatment, surgery of the involved nerves is performed as a last measure.

Availability of Botox

Botox is easily available in the online as well as physical stores. However, the physical stores might not be able to supply the drug at the highly discounted rate at which it is available in the online stores. So, buying Botox in bulk from the online reputed medical outlets is certainly a wise choice.

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