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Posted by SharonEvans on March 18th, 2015

Among the essentials in a maintenance kit, cutters hold immense importance because of the multi-utility they have. The most durable are the ones that are of Swiss quality because they strictly maintain the precision in manufacturing. The use of this tool is widespread in various industries like medical, electronic, electrical, plumbing etc. apart from use in regular life-- be it for fixing a loose wire or for bending something. These are hand tools and have been one of the primary apparatus that man had made in its journey towards being civilized. The design of course was quite rudimentary then. This tool has been modified and evolved across the ages primarily from tongs that were used to hold hot objects.

The mechanism of cutters involves a pair of levers which are joined at the fulcrum. The fulcrum further is put in a position that is near to the end of any one of the levers that makes a short jaw like contraption to hold something. This entire set up creates a mechanical benefit as the hand pressure at on one point amplifies with a certain precision to a force at the cutting end. The tools with Swiss quality are even more precise. It is easy to buy premium quality hand tools today since the leading companies are also putting up their websites to reach out to clients in a better and efficient manner.

The cutters are usually used to hold things that cannot be held by the fingers accurately. In the age-old days these tools were probably used to have a grip on hot objects while performing tasks like casting. While the evolution from wooden hand tools to the bronze once might have happened before the 3000BC, even mythology has its reference where Greek God Hephaestus is seen wearing a forge, a tool very similar to the one we are discussing about. Moreover, coming back to the modern era, since Swiss quality tools are known for its strength and cost effectiveness, they are a global favourite.

There are various shapes of cutters that make them fit for various purposes. While the primary tasks that these tools perform are holding and cutting, the usage also includes stripping of insulators. Among the advantages of using Swiss quality tools, the first benefit is they can reach to hold small objects without much difficulty. Secondly, since the tool can reach any place, treating a problem gets easy. Thirdly, you can put a little of torque or small amount of force to get a twist untangled.

The first and foremost tip on usage of cutters is if you are in any field where the task is of absolute precision wear proper gears, especially proper safety glasses so that there is no vision error. Secondly, use one such tool that has enough space on the handle to grip properly. Thirdly, the edges of the tools should be sharp and appropriate. Fourthly, oil the joint of the tools at periodic intervals to keep the tool working smooth. Lastly, Swiss quality ones are durable and do not lose their precision easily. Hence, you can safely order one today if you are planning to rebuild your maintenance box.

A must have in your tool box is a pair of cutters. The best and most popular ones are the Swiss quality tools.

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