SIPEL, manufacturing and distributing high tech precision tools like tweezers

Posted by SharonEvans on March 18th, 2015

Precision tools find a number of applications in machine tools manufacturing in watchmaking industry, electronics and medical industry. High technology precision tools are required for manufacturing different machineries in these industrial fields. Amongst the organizations that specialize in designing these tools, SIPEL Electronics SA is quite well known. It not just produces but also distributes these precision tools to the business customers around the world, with the objective to improve the standard and quality of the end products manufactured. One of the tools that are manufactured by this company is tweezers which is used for a range of purposes and is available in three kinds of handle materials and the spare parts. These tools are also manufactured with specifications as per customer’s request.


SIPEL manufactures a range of high precision hand tools which includes tweezers, vacuum pickup tools, pliers and cutters. They also offer custom made tools. Their objective is to go beyond the customer expectation by delivering the products on time. This includes managing, manufacturing and shipping the products that have been ordered.

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, this company was founded in the year 1989 with the aim of offering a comprehensive range of precision hand tools. They have a huge distribution network which is spread across 60 countries. Their customers include small, medium and large enterprises. Maintaining the quality of the end products is the main objective of this company and it works towards this with its team of highly qualified and expert precision engineers.

Different kinds of High Tech Precision Tools manufactured by SIPEL

First of all, they have quick change tweezers available in three categories of handle materials, as already mentioned. These are stainless anti-acid and anti-magnetic steel, totally antimagnetic Aluminum and Brass which is also anti-magnetic. Spare parts are also available for this product.

To handle the small and sensitive parts of a machine and also used for wafer handling they have vacuum pickup tools which include continuous vacuum handling tools, self-contained vacuum handling tools, vacuum cups and probes and high performance molded wafer tips. The high precision pliers and cutters also find wide applications in all fields of precision engineering industry. There are also pliers and cutters available for special applications and a choice of grips. Custom made hand tools are available for all categories and sub-categories of products along with modifications on the products.

Understanding the demand requirement of the industry and meeting and exceeding the expectations of their business customers from electronics, watchmaking and medical industry is what the engineers at SIPEL give foremost preference to. This is what has made them one of the most trusted companies as manufacturers and distributors of high technology precision tools. Their range of tools including custom made tools, tweezers, vacuum handling tools and pliers and cutters meet the standards of quality and accuracy and thus satisfy the requirements of the customers to the best possible extent. There are business prospects with the organization as well in terms of becoming a distributor of precision tool parts. A catalogue of products can also be requested to get an in depth information about the company and its products and services. 

SIPEL is one of the biggest names in manufacturing high technology precision tools like tweezers.

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