Split AC or Window AC- Which One should you Purchase?

Posted by Ayesha Verma on February 27th, 2021

While buying the AC, the first question that arises, whether to buy a split AC or a Window AC? Therefore, this article will help you solve this query. Read it carefully to find out which one you should select.

What are Window AC and Split AC?

The first thing you should be clear about is their definition. 

Split AC:

As the name suggests, Split AC has two parts, one is an indoor unit, and another is an outdoor unit. The inner unit stays inside the room, while the outdoor unit place is outside the room. Typically, people prefer split AC for big rooms due to their high cooling capacity. They come with a compressor, which is present in the outdoor unit, and a condenser. The evaporator is present in the indoor unit, which cools the room. One of the best split ac in India is of LG brand.

Window AC:

Unlike a split AC, a window AC contains only one unit. Therefore, the blower, condenser, and compressor are present in only one compartment. The blower side of the Window AC faces the room, while the other side hangs out of the room. These are best suited for small rooms, and their maintenance cost is also low. 

Which one is better? Split AC VS Window AC:

After the brief introduction of both the type of AC, let's compare them and find out, which one is better?

The Design:

When it comes to designs and pattern, Split AC wins. Split AC comes in numerous patterns and colours. You get a wide variety of choices to select. However, the Window AC typically comes in only one colour, and that is white. If you want your AC colours to match your room, you should go for Split AC.


Window Ac installation is easy, and they do not require any extra charges for the installation. Not only that, they are portable, which means you can move them around easily, without much effort. On the other hand, Split AC requires professionals for their installation process. You have to spend some extra bucks for installing them. If you live in an apartment, then the best choice for you will be Window AC, as Window AC's price in India is affordable and portable.

Cooling Power:

As mentioned earlier, Split AC is preferable for bigger rooms because their cooling potential is faster. On the other hand, Window AC is good for small rooms, because its cooling potential is low compared to Split AC.

Power Consumption:

Power consumption is indirectly proportional to the star rating of the AC. The higher the rating, the less power consumption! A 5 star AC will be more efficient and will consume less energy compared to the others. So, for a small room, an AC with a 3-star rating is a good choice. However, for a larger room, go for 5 star window AC.

Wrapping up

Consider the differences between them both, and you need to take the right decision. Invest in the right product to get the benefits. 

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