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Posted by sophiamilller on March 18th, 2015

Neuroscience is the science that studies the nervous system with everything that it involves, meaning the brain, neural circuits, memory, mental disorders, consciousness, psychological functions and many others. Reading about neuroscience is important as it helps people understand more about themselves. For neuroscience news and science discoveries, those interested need to visit a dynamic news website.A dynamic news website is a website that is permanently updated with fresh information. This is different than a presentation website that advertises a certain individual, company, event, product or service. Presentation websites are also updated, but not daily like a news website. Another difference is that a news website requires a number of journalists, while a presentation website just one writer, who can also be the site designer.To find fresh pieces of information related to neuroscience or other sciences, people need to either visit popular news websites, or search for this type of information on a search engine. News websites allow people to see which articles have been written three days ago and which articles have been written and published today. This way, those who regularly check a news website know where to look in order to read a new story.To maintain their readers’ interest high, journalists use not only an attractive title and an accurate content, but also photos that complement the text. Also, it is wise to link to other articles, usually the sources for that particular piece of news. To be credible, an information has to be verified from at least three different sources. Of course, when the information comes directly from a neuroscientist, for example, and not from intermediaries, it does not have to be verified from other sources, as well.Another thing that is important to those who regularly read neuroscience news and who are interested in science discoveries, is the way the news website looks and behaves. A website that is filled with ads will never attract visitors. Also, a website that loads in about a minute will soon remain without readers, even if the information on the website is always fresh and accurate.Finally, readers are interested in an open communication with the person that has written an article or maybe with the neuroscientist mentioned in the article. For this, comments have to be present on any news website. They have to be filtered, since not everybody knows how to speak decently. Besides leaving comments at the end of the articles, readers also have to be able to contact the news website or the journalists through a contact form, in case they want to congratulate or criticize them for their work, or when they have a story to report.

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