Using Organization design and HR coach to leverage the best from an Organization

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No single individual can pull efforts, talent and might in the direction of goal accomplishment alone. While it cannot be discounted that a single individual can initiate the first stands of success in the right direction and structure the first concrete block of success for an organization or enterprise, it requires a collective effort of more individuals to make the long walk toward progress. An essential element of an organization is its ability to carve a lasting legacy in its scope of operations by leveraging the best out of individuals with different god gifted and manufactured talents. If an organization has a history of understanding its employees as best as its targeted segment and its actions are based on objectivity and practicality, then it has the potential of leaving a lasting impression through the way it conducts its business.

In an organization, there are people with a separate set of skills and capabilities. While someone may be Finance pro, someone may be a logistics and operations’ wizard. Someone might be able to communicate fluidly bridging the gap between the expected and the real output, someone might be an accounting expert. It takes the Human Resources department to council, guide, motivate and levitate one and all given their merits and shortcomings. Having a stable and efficient
HR coach can help employees navigate their way to success among stiff internal competition and the unpredictable external environment. A steady HR coach can come to the rescue of top executives during difficult times they face while undergoing sharp decision making regarding their organization. The HR coach implements a system of continuous improvement and skill development for both senior and junior level management, in turn helping an organization’s cause.

Stakeholder centered coaching is a growing mechanism monitoring leadership skills of top executives from some of the most prominent business concerns globally. Being a successful leader is one thing and guiding employees to reach their potential is a remarkable skill that develops over a period of time. Resultant, a number of organizations are foraying toward HR life coaching to attain judicious progress as a result of prevailing challenges and their skills at addressing the same.

It has become increasingly important for organizations to identify an Organization design that enables formulation of a sequential methodology enabling dysfunctional procedures in an organization’s working processes, hierarchical structures, systems and structures. The external environment imposes different challenges to a business concern. It is vital to take cognizance of various modes of an organization’s operations, thus to attain singularity or commonality. Needing this, an organization can counter challenges faced from the outside competition. Organization design guides an organization to walk the harsh road lying ahead with integration of its operating efforts to tackle adversities.

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