How Is Stretch Film Used in The Packaging Industry?

Posted by Keelie on February 27th, 2021

Stretch film is a popular product used in the shipping industry. It is used to keep packages tightly together to avoid problems while in transit. There are a variety of kinds that you can use depending on the need that you have for it. 

What Is Stretch Film?

Stretch film is in comparison to cling wrap that is used in the kitchen but for shipping. The concept is the same, but the product is by far much stronger. It is a stretchy plastic that is wrapped around boxes and items on pallets.

By doing this it is going to keep everything stable and in place during shipping. Less movement of the boxes can help to protect the products inside of them. Many people confuse shrink wrap and stretch wrap. The way that the two work is completely different. 

Types of Stretch Film

There are a few varieties of stretch wrap that you can choose from for your business. All work similarly, but depending on what your use is, one may work for you better than the other. The many different kinds are:

  • Machine Stretch Film- Cast Stretch Film, Pre-Stretch Film, Blown Stretch Film, and Hay Baling Stretch FIlm

  • Non-Machine Stretch Film- UVI-Stretch Film, Hand Stretch Film, VCI Stretch Film, Color Stretch FIlm, Vented Stretch Film, and More

All types have their own pros and cons about them. Some will work better than others for the job that you are doing. Both are very effective ways of protecting products. Machine stretch film does have a little bit more of a higher rating. 

How Do You Use Stretch Film?

Stretch film can be applied by hand or by machine. When you are doing it by hand, you simply walk around the boxes while unrolling the film. Continue making your way around until it is secure and you are happy with it. 

There are also machines that can apply the film for you. It will do the same process as you did by hand, but with a machine. This can cut down on extra time being used by employees to wrap the packages. It can also give a better and more secure wrap on the items. 

Who Uses Stretch Film?

Many companies who regularly ship products will use stretch film to keep their products safe. Some of the many products that are wrapped in stretch film for transportation or even sales are:

  • Animal Feed- These are heavy items that are shipped regularly. When being shipped, the bags need to stay in good shape for the stores. That is why using stretch film during transportation is so important. 

  • Fertilizers and Soil- These products are very similar to animal feed bags. They need to be kept in good condition during transportation and not get ripped. These bags get loaded onto pallets and covered with stretch film for protection.

  • Furniture- Furniture is another common area that stretch film is used. This is to protect the surface to avoid tears, stains, or any other damage.

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