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Posted by trivedisites on March 20th, 2015

In our lifetime, we have witnessed many youngsters who are constantly meddling in their own universe; it’s a world where they believe they have the freedom to practice whatsoever they desire without thinking or listening to others. Sometimes these children are considered as troublemakers or undisciplined. It’s usual in most of the kids, but in some instances where such activities are very high it can be because of ADD. ADD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a disorder where a child is very aggressive in nature and keeps performing activities without any reason. The signs and ADD symptoms can be seen before the age of seven. In most of the cases when it comes to ADD, people think of children who are out of control. But it’s not the case we may have some aggressive children as well as children who are lost in their own world keeping a distance from others. Most of the time, it’s very difficult to know whether it is a normal behavior or a disorder. Most of the children or adult suffering from ADD may show ADD symptoms like nervousness, difficulty learning things, hearing problems or behavioral issues. Unfortunately, there is no simple medical test to check if a child is suffering from this disorder. No one knows what can be the actual reason for this disorder. In some cases it me be genetically transmitted or chemical imbalance or lack of chemicals that help brain to control the behavior.

Even though, the exact cause of ADD remains unknown. Most of the time it’s a big challenge for parents to raise a child suffering from ADD; it may very exhausting for them to complete even the simplest tasks like homework. As there is no test to detect ADD, a diagnosis completely depends on observation and complete evaluation of the situation. Specialists like psychoanalysts or neurologists can help such parents who are in a doubt whether their child is suffering from ADD or it’s just a normal behavior. To know the cause or root of this disorder, we may have to check some possibilities like traumatic life events, medical condition, stress, etc. In most cases, ADD symptoms can be best handled with a combination of medication and behavior therapy. In some cases the ADD symptoms become less severe as a child gets older. We may need a long term plan to control a child’s behavior by creating a good atmosphere. The Trivedi Effect® is created by Mahendra Kumar Trivedi a proved and more effective healing technique through which we can come to know the ADD symptoms. The Trivedi Effect® does not have any side effect like medication. Trivedi Master Wellness™ programs are administered by the Trivedi Masters™, Alice Branton, Dahryn Trivedi along with Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and these Energy Transmissions programs are meant to transform the energy so that you can get rid of numerous mental and physical health problems and make you to attain more about the ADD symptoms by the way of our website at

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