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Posted by dunitzsantrino on March 20th, 2015

Nowadays we are just held in a feeling awe the way medical science and especially the domain of human body surgery has advanced during the last century. People in India suddenly feel a weakness in their knees once, the consulting surgeon says that a surgery is a must to get rid of the long standing ailment. But it is not the surgery that worries a patient, but the suture that holds everything together post the surgery. Often it has been the case that there were complications post surgery and the patient had to opt for another minor surgery to correct it leading to more financial stress.

As far as it concerns sutures, India has been quite instrumental and open to adapt the highly developed techniques required for a surgery and remedies necessitated post it. One glove cannot fit all hands and so is the case with sutures too. There are specific sutures for different kind of surgeries and can be classified into dissolvable, non-dissolvable, specifically for cardiovascular operations, etc. In addition to this the material used to manufacture such sutures can be naturally obtained and also be synthetic in nature depending on where it is mostly applied post surgery and quick recovery of the patient.

A suture is the final patch that holds everything together after a critical surgery and accelerates the recovery of the patient. So it is imperative that the instruments used to make the suture stick around to the internal organ or the external body also be conforming to the highest medical standards. The instruments such as needles or the entire sutures kit helps contain or hold together all the hard labor and meticulous skill a surgeon puts in to cure the patient of his or her ailment or the body defect. Metaphorically speaking, it is very much like “the end justifies the means” but in fact they are the final sutures that complete the gruelling ordeal for both the patient as well as the surgeon.

India over the past couple of decades has made a name for itself with medical tourism thanks to the high proficiency of the erudite surgeons and cost effectiveness of the country. With respect to the future of sutures, India has been making progress by leaps and bounds by incorporating the latest medical and surgical advancements and also making them available to the general public in a cost effective manner to suit everybody's budget. But yes a really good product, especially when it involves wrapping up a critical surgery, demands a little premium in view of the high medical standards it needs to adhere to. With quality and high standards as its core values, the sutures do a perfect job to get the patient on his or her recovery path in no time.

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