How to Choose Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings in Sydney

Posted by Zibaandco on March 20th, 2015

Second only to classic round cut, princess cut is one of the most popular diamond cuts that people choose for engagement and wedding ring settings. This popular diamond cut appears square or rectangular when viewed from the top. While it sacrifices some of its brilliance to achieve the unique shape, the way that the diamond is cut still accentuates the stone's fire and lustre.

In stones that have the same carat weight, a princess cut usually has a smaller diameter than that of a round cut, while the length is greater. It approximately has 76 facets, which helps maintain brilliance and fire, and bring its appearance closer to that of a well cut round diamond.

Princess cut diamonds are much cheaper per carat than round cut diamonds, mainly because they waste less material when shaped into the cut. Cutting a round stone wastes so much more material.

In addition to the stone's brilliance, another important thing that you should examine when shopping for a princess cut diamond is its clarity. One of the greatest things about the princess cut diamond is that the cut's proportions allow the stone to exhibit a decent amount of sparkle and brilliance, making the stone's inclusions less noticeable/visible. It is rare to find princess cut diamonds with a clarity grade lower than SI1. When examining diamonds within this clarity range, look for ones that don't have inclusions that are visible with the naked eye, especially in the corners. Corner inclusions are definite weak spots, which weaken the stone and make it more prone to chipping.

Selecting the colour of the stone should also be a major consideration. Look for stones that don't reflect a visible yellow tint (don't go lower than near colourless range, which belong to G, H, I, and J ranges). Cut quality is also an important factor to assess as this determines the stone's brilliance. A good cut maximises brilliance without necessarily making the stone look too shallow or too deep. When viewed from the top, a princess cut diamond should look square. Princess cut diamonds that look rectangular from above are often cheaper.

When choosing a setting for your princess cut, make sure that the mounting that you choose has ample protection for its corners. A princess cut's corners is where the stone gets very thin. Left unprotected, the corners can easily be chipped with a strong blow.

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