EM 385 Training: Facts And Requirement

Posted by oshaprosusa on March 10th, 2021

There are diverse occupations that a person may choose to pursue to earn a decent livelihood. Being an independent contractor has quite a few pros and cons associated with the job. Undergoing the EM 385 training is essential for qualifying as a government contractor. This is safety training, no doubt, but unlike any other OSHA's plans. This training involves the necessary safeguards and protection about a specific project. The certificate needs to be submitted on demand of the authorities. Failing to do it may result in the loss of the said project.

It is imperative for workers to adhere to safety rules and take all required precautions to complete the task speedily. Apart from OSHA's safety rules, this particular training also includes safety norms advised by ANSI, NEC, and the "U.S. Army Corps of Engineers" known by the acronym USACE.

The course requires all SSHO (site safety health officer) personnel who have been engaged for overlooking government projects provided to eligible contractors. Such contracts need to follow the regulations specified in EM 385-1-1. The training needs can be found in Section 01.A.17.d.of EM 385-1-1. A majority of the requirement is following OSHA's safety rules, but there are a few additional needs-based solely on the type of work.

The training course for EM 385 is 40 hours long and requires individuals to register for it. Completing the training does not only equip the trainee to comply with the regulations of the government, but the concerned SSHO gets to understand the following:-

· Reason for selection and use of personal protective equipment as and when needed

· Proper usage of step ladders and handheld tools

· Importance of full protection during excavations and digging trenches

The 24-hour training is conducted for supervisors, managers, and workers at the site of ongoing military projects. The participants can help the SSHO become aware of the following after they complete the training:-

· Unsafe working condition at a specific site

· Importance of preparing an "Accident Prevention Plan" in accordance to the need at the specific site

· Requirement of completing the Activity Hazard Analysis forms to share safety information with the authorities.

The 16-hour course is an orientation course that helps one understand the practices outlined in the EM 385 manual. The trainee thus gets to know:-

· The process of checking the safety standards at the site and identify the SSHOs responsible for ensuring safety at the location

· The right way to handle, retain and dispose of all hazardous materials needed to proceed with the project

· Tips for selecting the right equipment for prevention of falls

· How to ensure full protection while working in a small, confined space

The site safety health officers are required to participate in an 8-hour refresher course every year to remain up to date about safety practices.

Independent workers and traders are at risk of falling and injuring themselves in the course of their job. OSHA advises taking fall protection training online, which saves time while making one aware of the risks.

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