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Posted by johnsmith001 on March 22nd, 2015

Like a business owner in Sydney, would you like to achieve the right quality systems in position? PQAS is an skilled consultancy firm that assists companies across a multitude of sectors achieve and maintain various kinds of certification including ISO 9001 management certification and OHSAS 18001 accreditation.

Product Certification
This certification indicates how the product has passed business standard performance and quality assurance tests and it has met various local as well as international quality standards within the relevant product set or even industry. It's highly helpful to manufacturers, wholesalers and importers to make sure competitive advantage n the market and continued commercial achievement. Organizations that achieve valid product certifications possess a better chance of staying away from financial risk, claims with regard to damages, risk against prosecution and injury to reputation. ISO Standards are probably the most trusted and stringent recommendations for companies to implement to have certification and ensure quality services and products.

ISO 9001 Certification
The goal of ISO 9001 certification in Australia would be to provide companies with quality management systems that will assist them practice the best business methodologies and be more efficient. Quality management systems supply the foundation for staff inspiration, customer support and continuous improvement. This certification would work for organizations of all sizes and in most industry sectors. ISO 9001 helps organizations identify regions of responsibility throughout the business, reduce costs, highlight zero management practices, identify period saving and efficient procedures and communicate positive picture to customers and personnel. Customers stand to take advantage of improved quality of services and products, timely delivery and less case of complaints as well as returned goods.

Safety Administration Systems
An occupational safety and health certificate can help protect a business and it's employees. The framework of efficient safety management systems enables organizations identify and manage safety and health risks at work; ensure compliance with relevant safety and health legislation and reduce possibility of risk.

Safety management systems are for all those organizations, both small as well as large, that want to setup procedures for the management of safety and health risks. Certification against OHSAS 18001 Regular helps organizations identify risks, assess risks and put into action risk control measures to avoid workplace accidents. A safety and health certificate increases the confidence amounts of company stakeholders and increase workforce morale. Certification demonstrates a obvious commitment to workforce safety and can lead to motivated, productive and effective staff. With scope with regard to fewer accidents, adherence to safety management protocols may lead to reduced costs and statements for damages.

Consulting Providers
The certification consulting providers of PQAS, an Aussie firm, plays a vital role in the potency of various ISO management techniques. The consultants at PQAS function closely with clients and help them know very well what is required and assist these phones implement appropriate steps to achieve required standards and accomplish certification. Expert and skilled consultants undertake gap evaluation, advice clients on where they've gaps and provide suggestions to repair those gaps. They possess the skills, knowledge and experience to guide clients car process of setting upward effective and efficient safety management systems to assist save time and cash. They make sure customers avoid common mistakes and develop systems which are simple, user friendly and practical to implement and gaze after.

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