How to Safely Sell or Auction a Gun Online

Posted by on March 11th, 2021

There is no better way to sell a gun than to do so online. Whether it is an unfired Glock 21 Gen 4 or your great-grandfather’s Colt 1911, there is likely to be an interested buyer online. The good news for those who have never sold a gun online before is—when done right, the process is likely to be a safe, simple, and profitable one. Knowing how to do it the right way is the key.

Why Sell Online

The local gun store is going to have to pay considerably less than they will sell it for, of course, to make a profit. That often means you get paid half of the gun’s value. By selling or auctioning a gun online, you are bypassing the middleman and pocketing the difference. Additionally, selling your gun online can get your listing in front of thousands of buyers across the country.

Sell or Auction on a Forum Not Classifieds

There are two primary routes to follow for online gun sales—classifieds or an online auction forum. Going through an online gun sales and auction site, being one of the largest of them, provides a variety of benefits over the classifieds. With the online classifieds, you are reaching a far smaller market, and you run a couple of pricing risks. You can set the price too high and get no responses. Or you can set the price too low, sell it immediately, but cheat yourself out of greater profit. On the other hand, if you decide to auction off your FNX 45, shotgun, or antique Derringer, you will have buyers competing to take it off your hands. And that can mean good money.

Do a Lot of Research

An online gun auction and sales site can actually prove invaluable before you sell your firearm. Once you are familiar with your gun’s details, you can check out what comparable models are going for on the auction site and price yours accordingly.

Take a Lot of Pictures

The pictures you take are likely going to be the chief selling point of your firearm. While it may seem counterintuitive, include pictures of any imperfections. If there is a crack in the grips, any pitting or age on the metal, scratches, or anything like that, record them with photos. It is a rare firearms enthusiast who is going to turn their nose up at the model of firearm they have been looking for because of minor imperfections. However, those same gun enthusiasts may feel deceived if the gun they receive has imperfections they were not aware of.

Do Not Ship Until You Have Payment

Finally, do not ship that gun until the money is in your account or the check has cleared. Congratulations, you are now one gun’s profits richer.


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