Determination of Basic Parameters of Parallel Robot

Posted by sere on March 11th, 2021

On the basis of system analysis, the basic parameters such as the number of degrees of freedom, operating range, carrying capacity, movement speed and positioning accuracy of the parallel robot are determined.

  1. Determination of the number of degrees of freedom

  The degree of freedom is an important technical parameter of the parallel robot, which is determined by the mechanical structure of the robot. It requires 6 degrees of freedom to describe the position and posture of an object in three-dimensional space (referred to as pose). The choice of the number of degrees of freedom is also related to production requirements.

  2. Determining the scope of work

  The operating range of the parallel robot needs to be determined according to the technological requirements and the trajectory of the operation movement. A trajectory is often composed of several actions. The shape and size of the operating range will affect the coordinate form, the number of degrees of freedom, the distance between the joint axes of each arm, the size of the rotation angle of each joint axis, and the range of motion of the parallel robot.

  3. Determination of movement speed

  After the maximum stroke of each action of the parallel robot is determined, the time of each action can be allocated according to the work beat required for production, and then the movement speed of the parallel robot when each action is completed. The total action time of the parallel robot should be less than or equal to the working beat.

  4. Determination of carrying capacity

  The carrying capacity represents the maximum arm force that the parallel robot can reach when carrying objects.

  5. Determination of precise positioning

  The positioning accuracy of the parallel robot is determined according to the use requirements, and the positioning accuracy that the parallel robot itself can achieve depends on the positioning method, movement speed, control method, arm stiffness, driving method, and buffering method of the parallel robot. And other factors.

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