Impressive Native Ads for Reaching the Right Audience

Posted by Aaeesha on March 23rd, 2015

With the extended grip on technology and the world of internet, the mode of advertisement has taken a new leap. The marketers are no more clung to the age old advertisement methods like banners and pop-ups that appear on a webpage. As these methods are now loosing importance and they just tend to disturb the reader and are just ignored or ripped off by most of the readers. Hence, instead of these methods publishers, investors and agents are adopting the innovative and considerably effective advertising methods to get themselves known to their target audience. This is where; native ads come into the spotlight.  

Native advertisement is similar to an editorial content which is presented in a variety of formats like images and video ads that are promoted, the articles describing the product or giving reviews about the product as well as a music form. It is also promoted using sponsored links, graphics and on the Twitter platform. It can also be in the form of posts that appear on social media websites. The basic strategy used in native advertising is to develop communication and get it to the next level by incorporating innovative skills.

Native advertising is the innovative and most effective mode of internet based advertisements which is in the form of content or articles. This is nothing other than a form of content marketing which is posted on a right platform to reach the required audience. The content creation method makes a direct impact on the potential customers as it gives a clear idea about the product and its brand. The investment made by the publisher is not wasted as this method does not interrupt the user and the authenticity of the brand is endorsed making it effective and trustworthy. But the significance stays in the quality of content published in native ads as there are no fixed standards. It all depends on the creativity used for adding value to the content.

Video ads are the advertisements that are displayed online in the form of mid page units abbreviated as MPU. They are usually displayed before video stream.  They are small enough to be posted on social networking sites to promote an idea, service or a product. Mainstream ads can also make it to the social media network reaching far and wide audience than traditional media like TV and newspaper can do.  These ads are similar to the ads that are traditionally seen on our televisions with a short cut version in order to execute it online. Broadcast and newspaper publishing websites have such video advertisements which are viewed by the majority of visitors. Through these online video advertisements, people tend to stay on a particular website encouraging them to get much deeper into the website. 

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