Talk in detail about the difference between series robots and parallel robots

Posted by sere on March 11th, 2021

According to the joint arrangement of the robot, the robot can be divided into two types: series robot and parallel robot.

The rods and joints of the series robot are connected in series (open-chain type), and the rods and joints of the parallel robot are connected in parallel (closed-chain type).

Parallel robot refers to a closed-loop robot with two or more degrees of freedom connected between the moving platform and the base by at least two movable links.

The parallel arrangement classification of parallel robots can be divided into two types: Stewart platform type and Stewart variant structure type. In 1965, British senior engineer Stewart proposed a 6-degree-of-freedom parallel mechanism-Stewart platform for flight simulators, which promoted the research on parallel mechanisms. The Stewart mechanism can be used as a 6-degree-of-freedom closed chain operating arm. The position and posture of the motion platform (upper platform) are determined by the formation length of 6 linear cylinders. One end of the cylinder and the base (lower platform) are governed by a 2-degree-of-freedom universal The coupling (Hooker hinge) is connected, and the other end (connecting rod) is connected to the motion platform by a 3-degree-of-freedom ball-sleeve joint (ball hinge).

Since Hunt, a well-known academic professor in Australia proposed to use the Stewart platform mechanism with 6 degrees of freedom as a robot mechanism in 1978, parallel robot technology has begun to be popularized and applied. At present, the product of the combination of parallel robot technology and machine tool mechanism technology-parallel machine tool (parallel machine tool) has become one of the hotspots in the research of new machine tools.

Parallel robots have the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision, fast response speed, simple structure, etc., but their shortcomings are small working space and complex control. Parallel robots are widely used in product packaging, pilot training simulation and precise positioning of surgical equipment.

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