Can A Magnet Damage A Gun - Why Using A Gun Magnet Is Secure

Posted by Blum Ramirez on March 11th, 2021

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Can a magnet harm a gun? bolt carrier m16 ’ve been requested this query extra instances than I can remember by perspective gun magnet patrons from everywhere in the US, even greater than “how do you disguise a gun in a automobile with a gun magnet” or “how do you hide a gun in your bedroom“?

The classic house protection system: gun and magazines hidden in plain sight by a concealed gun magnet

With the misinformation that floats round about gun magnets and the effect of magnetism on guns, I’ve determined to put collectively a conclusive answer to this query. With this information, you’ll be able to make a more informed choice in your gun magnet purchase. And for a more anecdotal take, you possibly can examine my first gun magnet purchase right here.

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- Will putting a gun on my gun magnet make it fire? - The Gun Control Act of 1968: gun safety mechanisms - Why your gun magnet won’t hearth your Glock

- Case Research: my SIG that lives on a gun mount

What many gun owners assume gun magnets do to their guns

Can a magnet injury a gun by magnetizing the firing pin and stop it from firing?

The answer to the first part of this query is easy: no.

Whereas many gun magnets right this moment can support properly over 25 pounds of weight, the magnetic drive of a gun magnet merely isn’t powerful sufficient to penetrate a gun. Thus, mounting your firearm on a gun magnet will not magnetize your firing pin.

But let’s pretend for a second that you are dealing with a magnetized firing pin. Will this harm your gun and/or affect its capability to fireplace?

To start, let’s first check out hammer fired guns (take a look at Youtuber Skallagrim’s breakdown video on how a hammer fired gun operates).

How a hammer strike gun works

As Skallagrim explains, a hammer fired gun is dependent upon the power of the hammer putting the firing pin to be able to hearth. And being a gun owner, you're likely acquainted with the pressure behind a hammer. It’s strong - not where you need fingers to be after pulling the set off.

This being stated, even in case your gun magnet did slightly magnetize the firing pin, the force of the hammer putting it will negate any magnetism. Remember, induced magnetism is very weak.

Who did this as a child?

Let’s take a look at this principle.

Find two paper clips and magnetize one among them by rubbing it for two minutes with a magnet. As soon as the paper clip is magnetized, use it to choose up the non-magnetized paper clip.

Hold the two linked paperclips the air and check out to interrupt the magnetic connection by blowing on the non-magnetized paper clip or by flicking it calmly.

See how simple they separated? Similar concept right here.

With a striker fired gun, the concept is also comparable (check out YouTuber Christian Chavez’s animation of how a Glock 17 fires).

A glance inside essentially the most bought gun in America

As seen in Chavez’s video, a striker fired gun fires when the tension within the pulled again firing pin spring is launched and the firing pin strikes the primer of the bullet. This power behind the firing pin could be robust enough to negate any hypothetical magnetism on the firing pin.

Can a magnet injury a gun by magnetizing the slide? Will this have an effect on the firearm’s efficiency in the sector?

For those who:

1. Rub the ferrous metal parts of the slide towards a gun magnet repeatedly for a chronic time frame OR 2. Depart your gun mounted on a gun magnet for a chronic period of time

Then yes, the gun magnet will barely magnetize the slide by means of induced magnetism.However, this slight bit of magnetism wouldn't have an effect on damage your firearm or affect its performance, each when it comes to racking and firing. Any induced magnetism attributable to a gun magnet would be very weak, and wouldn't impede the movement of the slide or magnetize the inside parts of the gun.

In this circumstance, the only factor to fret about can be having small pieces of metallic sticking to the slide itself. This wouldn't have an effect on the gun’s operation but doubtlessly may trigger scratches on the slide from back and forth scraping of the metal items.

Nevertheless, this subject could be easily solved: don’t keep or use your firearm in places with a number of free, mild items of scrap metallic laying round.

Can a gun magnet trigger a gun to by chance discharge?

For this case, let’s think about you put in a gun magnet on your wall and mounted a SIG Sauer P938 on it.

In order for us to contemplate the potential for the gun magnet inflicting the SIG to by accident discharge, you’d should first mount it on the gun magnet, racked with a bullet within the chamber (please don’t ever do this).

The magnetic pull of the gun magnet would then need to be sturdy enough to tug the set off of the gun OR someway launch the sear independently of the set off.

Fortunately, this scenario is inconceivable as a result of:

1. As shown earlier, gun magnets should not sturdy sufficient to magnetically move the elements of a gun 2. Virtually each fashionable firearm has security mechanisms as per the Gun Control Act of 1968 to stop unintended discharge beneath these circumstances

These safety mechanisms would stop unintentional discharge underneath these circumstances for striker fired guns as properly.

And for Glock owners, a gun magnet-brought on accidental discharge can be much more unattainable due to the Glock’s “Safe Action” system. This system prevents any Glock from firing unless the secondary trigger safety is first pulled with the primary trigger. Because the Glock’s set off security is made from non-magnetic material, even the strongest magnet on the planet wouldn’t have an effect on it.

Either means, these aren’t conditions to think about because you, as a responsible firearm owner, would never mount a racked firearm on a gun magnet.


Conclusion: can a magnet injury a gun?

A gun mount in action. Look ma, no fingers! Form of.

No - a gun magnet Can not injury your gun. I’ve mounted my SIG on a gun magnet below my residence office’s desk for the previous 12 months, and it really works as effectively as the day I bought it. Don’t buy into the myths: your gun magnet will hold your gun securely in no matter location you select, and is not going to damage your gun.

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