Application and characteristics of spider hand robot

Posted by sere on March 11th, 2021

When designing and applying spider-hand robots, factors such as the versatility of the robot, environmental adaptability, durability, reliability, and economy should be considered comprehensively and balanced.

The spider-hand robot can work stably for a long time in dangerous or harmful environments such as poisonous, wind-dust, noise, vibration, high temperature, flammability, and explosive. In the case of reasonable technology and economy, spider-hand robots can be used to gradually replace people from these jobs, so as to improve workers' working conditions and reduce their labor intensity.

The division of labor in modern production is becoming more and more detailed, the operation is becoming more and more simple, and the labor intensity is increasing. The spider hand robot can be used to efficiently complete some simple and repetitive tasks to improve production efficiency and production quality.

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