Find out how you can age gracefully and how sunscreens play a huge role in it

Posted by Eric Newman on March 11th, 2021

Aging is a natural phenomenon, which no one can stop. At some point in life, aging does happen but you can learn to age gracefully. One of the main things to protect your skin from harmful environments toxins, UV rays, and pollutants is a skincare routine that helps maintain the tightness and firmness of our skin and help to reduce the age factors, Premium Women Beauty is to invest in something that will help you in the long term which is for example sunscreen, a good quality sunscreen can be a lifesaver. 

Sunscreen plays a huge role in our lives, and if you are not wearing one every day you are killing yourself. One of the essential parts of your day time skincare routine should be sunscreen which needs to applied after serums and moisturizer because sunscreen acts as a barrier for your skin and doesn’t let any harmful rays damage the epidermis of your skin, Premium Women Beauty provides you with the guide to choose the right sunscreen for your skin type and how much SPF should be used according to your region. 

A good sunscreen will leave a layer of blackness if checked under UV light, many experiments have been done to test if the sunscreen does what they supposed to do and plenty of brands were succeeded in it. Sunscreen should be selected as per skin types as suggested by Premium Women Beauty, if you are an oily skin type then you should go for gel-based sunscreen as they are lightweight that doesn’t clog your pores. For dry skin, you should go for more cream-based sunscreen as they tend to moisturize your skin and don’t make it dry, for combination-type skin you could go for both but gel-based will be more beneficial.

What are the long-term effects on your skin if you don’t apply sunscreen on your face and body 

It is important to preserve your skin’s collagen because it is the one making it youthful but not applying sunscreen can have the worst effects in long-term, as you will start aging without sunscreen your skin will age faster by producing wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area and neck which will make you look older, UV rays also damage your skin by causing hyperpigmentation and also dark spots around your cheeks and forehead which will not go once it becomes permanent, Premium Women Beauty has a variety of best sunscreen on the market which will protect your skin. 

One of the studies have claimed that UV rays are the reason for skin cancer especially for those people who have less production of melanin in their skin, melanin is a natural producing component in our skin and it has high counts in dark skin tones which also protects the skin from UV rays, but whether you are dark or light skin tones for both sunscreen is important to protect from skin cancer, Premium Women Beauty lies if you invest in keeping your skin healthy, click on Women Premium Beauty

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