Sorting robot requires fast speed, which one should be used?

Posted by sere on March 11th, 2021

Before the popularization of science, there are two types of robot arms: parallel and series.

The tandem manipulator has the advantages of low cost, simple structure, simple control, and large movement space.

Parallel manipulator has the advantages of strong load-bearing capacity, high precision, high rigidity, and small end piece inertia. It is suitable for light-weight and high-speed occasions and has obvious advantages compared with tandem robots. At present, parallel robots have been increasingly recognized by the market and are widely used in post-process packaging automated production lines in food, medicine, 3C, daily chemical, logistics and other industries.

The speed you require is fast, so you must use a parallel robot. A European company has just done a medical sorting project. After comparing several domestic and foreign parallel robots, I finally found the kenwei parallel robot. The kenwei parallel manipulator is exported to the world, with guaranteed quality and complete models, including a small Machine, the speed is very fast, just to meet their needs,

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