Stag Nights in Nottingham ? Get it out of your system before the wedding!

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

Nottingham Stag Parties ? A Bachelor Party Not for the Weak

If a stag party is on the agenda you might want to mosey on over to Nottingham to make the most of your last lazy days of freedom. Naughty stag nights in Nottingham are abundant in the city where the booze runs fast and furious, the nightlife is hotter than a jalapeno, and the ladies know how to have a good time.

Make sure to bring a lifejacket because although this town beats from the heart of the UK you don?t want to be left to drown in a sea of lips and curves ? rumour has it the women (renowned for their blistering good looks) outnumber men 5:1 in Nottingham so dive in head first - if you can handle it.

An endless number of pubs line the streets so you won?t go thirsty enjoying your stag nights ? and because hunger is never an option, you?ll find a plethora of places to sate your appetite and calm your cravings ? whatever they may be. Tons of restaurants are bursting with great food for every taste.

The nightlife could put the best global hot spots to shame sizzling the whole night through without stopping for a breath, a moment or a second thought. Now that I think of it, toss all your thoughts in the toilet and flush them away ? at least for stag nights/bachelor party celebrations. Leave your inhibitions at home and you will appreciate all that stag nights in Nottingham have to offer.

Why the scorching clubs and crowds so perfect for stag nights? Swarms of young people inject raw fun and energy into the city of Nottingham, rocking the nightclubs and partying the nights away in good old English fashion.

Nottingham also boasts top-notch live music venues and comedy clubs, and you can find an endless array of activities to liven up your stag nights. Go clay shooting, karting, paintballing, golfing ? whatever fires up your masculine impulses and gets you revved up for the big day.

For stag nights that will pick you up, turn you upside down and drag you about town make your way to Nottingham, the legendary town of Robin Hood ? grab a horde of your own merry men and you won?t be disappointed.

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