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Unravel the truth with the help of an expert witness Singapore

Posted by AdrianRocker on March 25th, 2015

Every country has its own set of laws, its own judicial procedure. And, like most countries, Singapore frames, amends and implies the laws of the land with utmost virtue and seriousness. With definition of crimes or offence taking a much bigger shape to include cyber espionage or cyber theft, the law has also allowed inclusion of different avenues that a victim of such a crime can seek to place a case in front of the law. Those trusted means are digital forensics and expert witness Singapore. With cyber crime gradually on the rise, e-discovery Singapore makes sure that information can be suitably extracted and placed as suitable evidence in the eyes of the law. Since these are relatively newer terms people are getting familiar with, let us see what these actually are.

Expert witness Singapore is also known as a judicial expert or a professional witness. Witnesses that fall under this category are by virtue of their professional skill, educational degree, experience and expertise a pro on any specific subject and their knowledge on a subject is far more than any common person. Such witnesses are important when the crime is a theft of intangible property and demands professional acumen to come to a solution. Electronic discovery or e-discovery Singapore denotes the discovery made during the course of any ongoing investigation, where the exchange of information pertaining to the case is in electronic format. Such information is also known as ESI or Electronically Stored Information. The information is treated as privileged document, the mention and analysis of which direct the course of the judgment to a wide extent.

The statements made by an expert witness Singapore are considered as a statement of evidence, since they are based on acquired knowledge and not influenced by the case proceedings. Most of cases on which such expert evidences are required are for deciding on cases of sanity or anything related to intellectual property. For digital forensic related cases such witness statements sufficiently influence a case. These kinds of cyber forensic cases involve identifying, assimilating electronically stored information that would be required to be placed in a lawsuit. Such information is treated as e-discovery Singapore and can include mails, database, presentations, audio or video files or social media conversation as well. This kind of information is treated on a different note by the court of law because it is intangible. It is treated as potential evidence and can be placed for review by the judge after converting to TIFF or PDG format. Cases dealing with copyright infringement or regarding intellectual property rights are hugely benefitted by such evidence. Experts in computer forensic science regularly use this kind of evidence to counter cyber incidents.

Major business houses rely on digital information more to promote paperless work. The flipside is higher incidence of cyber espionage. Firms dealing in digital forensics are proficient in collecting e-discovery Singapore and using it to strengthen their petition on your behalf. They also arrange to get expert witness Singapore in the court to opine on evidence collected and their assessment is given extreme importance in the court of law. All these options help in designing a strong case in the unfortunate event that a cyber crime takes place in your office.

Digital forensics employ the use of e-discovery Singapore to nab cyber criminals. To make the cases even more strong they engage expert witness Singapore whose opinion is of huge importance in the court of law.

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