Talks about PS game and Xbox game such as FIFA15

Posted by Tanjing on March 26th, 2015

A multiplayer only game takes less work to make in comparison to a game with a single player story so your reference to Titanfall, while revealing, isn't very relevant to the subject. Shall we go back through gaming history and downgrade scores for single player only games? That's what needs to be done if your logic is the right way to think.Calling a game garbage when it's not is lame exaggeration. The game got a mediocre reception. FIFA 15 Coins doesn't make it garbage. I've played games with worse gameplay and higher scores many times through the years.No so much. 
PS3 outsold 360 with a cheaper price point.... 
For some years, the 360 was cheaper then the Wii.... 
Yet it was in 3rd. 
A lot of it has to do with what are you offering. Folks will pay the price if they feel the product warrants it. 
" The Order would have gotten better reception for a lower pricepoint. " 
The Order would not have as I feel what most reviewers felt about the game was based on experiences with other games outside the genre of what the order actually is to begin with. 
The died hype behind the Steam machines is due in part to the actual specs of them, not just the price. 
Some of the specs are not even meeting 2X PS4 or XONE specs which is rule of thumb what one wants to seek if the wish to even meet next gen performance. 
Without optimization, that is what PS4 and XONE's would actually cost if they were more PC then console.
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