Best Tips for Winning an Argument

Posted by Jake Riviera on March 11th, 2021

Do you need to know how to win an argument and be effective in your ways of communication? If your job requires you to promote products and increase the sales revenue of your business, then you are likely familiar with the impact and importance that can be had from being on the winning side of an argument. Even if you simply enjoy discussing and debating various topics and current events with others, these tips can help you come out on top every time.

Be Knowledgeable

Knowledge is your best weapon when it comes to winning any argument, whether that is professional or personal. Be armed with a thorough and complete knowledge of your specified topic. Knowing your subject in depth is will prepare you for all scenarios and give you confidence to speak up.

If persuasion, sales, or debating are part of your job description, then you may want to get some formal negotiation training to teach you the ins and outs of how to interact with others and convey your message in the best possible light. This will help you to be able to close the deal quickly and win important contracts for your company.

You should thoroughly know all areas of your subject matter and be prepared to ask and answer questions. Do your research into your competition to become familiar with the answer they may use and any arguments that may try to trip you up. Prepare and rehearse until you can give good answers when concerns and negative comments are brought up. It's absolutely necessary that you are ready and anticipate every available scenario.

Remember to remain logical and keep it interesting. Don't get bogged down in dry facts. Tell relevant stories and give real world examples to appeal to your audience and show them the value of your arguments. Personalize your arguments and comments so that they make sense to the person you are pitching to. Your information should fit with and meet the needs of the company or contract that you are fighting for. Show how your company can positively impact them.

Learning to effectively negotiate will also help you build a good relationship with clients and encourage repeat business. When you make a good impression, they will likely come back next time they are in need of a quality service or product.

Maintain Confidence and Poise

Arguments and debates can be stressful and the conversation can easily get heated. Sometimes your opponent can be aggressive or outright attack you. Your best bet to get through this is to practice being calm and friendly no matter what. Engage with the other participants, but don't get visibly upset or flustered. Your confidence and ability to stay cool under pressure will only further advance your points and make your argument all the stronger. You will be admired for your attitude and most people will want to do business with someone who is so capable.

Stay on topic throughout the conversation. Various points being made will likely deviate slightly from the topic once in a while, but don't get distracted or allow for tangents to bring you off the point you are trying to make. Remain in control of the situation. If others are trying to direct the conversation in a way that doesn't work for you, then you can use your knowledge and command to direct them back to the point at hand.

Remain Respectful 

Debating and arguing with people can bring out a lot of frustration in some people. Even if you are able to visibly remain calm you may find that you are getting flustered internally and are having trouble staying true to the objective you are trying to make. During all this, it's important to remember to respect the other parties and actively listen to the points they are making, even if you don't agree with them. Treat your opponent kindly and concede any valid and true observations that they make while also using them as a introduction to spin your own contribution in a favorable light. Whatever you do, don't raise your voice or yell, and always be patient and courteous.

Experience and knowledge go a long way in giving you the upper hand in any kind of discussion or argument, but enthusiasm for the topic can be equally important. If you are new to this, just stick with it and as you gain more confidence you can more easily direct the conversation in your favor and get to the result that you want fast.

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