Benifts and Achive to growing needs for Digital Detox

Posted by Mithun on March 12th, 2021

Few years ago, I was working for a client whose expectations of me was to respond to any queries within fifteen minutes. This often-caused anxiety and stress, but that was the job. I was available 24/7 and constantly glued to my digital devices in acting on requests. It was no surprise that I desperately wanted to go on a vacation. One of my close friends reached out proposing that we go on a backpacking trip across Cambodia and Vietnam, to which I just a resounding yes! I promised myself that throughout the two weeks I would not check my emails and social media. My handphone would be solely used to answer calls from family and take pictures and videos of the trip. And that is precisely what I did. Two weeks of pure vacation. When I look back at that trip, it just puts a wide smile on my face. Ever since that trip, I make it a point to go on a digital detox journey during my annual vacation.
Digital detox brings sanity into a chaotic life. When people around you know that you don’t respond to messages or calls after a certain time, they will learn to drop messages or keep a recorded message for you. If you’re available 24×7, you will be beckoned 24×7, unless your work demands you to be so.

You will find yourself being more productive than ever before because of the time saved in responding to calls, messages and emails all the time.


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