The demand for Iran cement is on the rise

Posted by AllmaJess on March 27th, 2015

As per recent official report current Iran cement production is nearly 6.5Mt per month and the country's domestic need is around 4.5 to 5Mt per month. This has led to the development of Iran cement export in last few years and the current year saw approximately 9.25Mt of export. The country expects to take this figure to 120Mt per year by 2025. Naturally, global business leaders have identified the huge opportunity the country offers in terms of cement export and they have bee lined to join the sector. When there are efficient agencies to deal with the entire procedure on their behalf they find it extremely profitable and mutually beneficial.

If you are interested in Iran cement export you should be aware of laws and regulations involving export and import; dumping (pricing of the product and its rules); free zones; acts specific to foreign investment; rules for monetary and banking procedures and scope and limitations of privatization. All these may sound overwhelming, especially if you are from a different demographic background. Language can be a big issue as well. Thankfully, there are agencies dealing with all the above-mentioned aspects of Iran cement business and they can take up the entire job ensuring the appropriate utilization of your investment.

Agencies dealing in Iran cement export are well-informed of the laws, bylaws and most recent circulars issued by the Government. They can inform you on investment trends, economic statistics and guide you on making prudent business decisions. They have been dealing with Iran cement and other allied business for many years and therefore can identify the economic indicators and help you in customized services starting from the paper work to selection of sites, setting up of the units and exports. This saves huge cost and time since your work can progress even if you are not physically present to supervise the operations.

If you are looking for customized solutions you should rely on some groups that have established its reputation over many years. Not only Iran cement, they have been providing solutions to a varied segment of industry including custom brokerage, export/import, supply chain services and complete bouquet of solutions related to freight management. Therefore, you can be assured of the end-to-end solution you are looking for and at a reasonable rate.

Iran cement export is bound for a great expansion. Thanks the industry friendly attitude of the Government and some efficient agencies the country has been inviting investments from several industry superpowers. If you are aiming to set up your Iran cement business you should immediately get in touch with a reliable agency that can help you with everything. They have an efficient team of financial and economic analysts that can guide on correct legal procedures, and construction of your factory, supervise the entire production process and finally help you in operational issues. These agencies have well-established websites with all the relevant information and can be contacted virtually. Discuss with them your requirements specifically and let them chart out a bespoke solution for you so that you can start operating in Iran within the shortest possible time.

With stringent quality control Iran cement has become the hub in production and Iran cement export.

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