Can Hair Transplant Surgery Assist In Enhancing Hair Density

Posted by Medispa India on March 12th, 2021

High density hair transplant is what hair loss sufferer look forward to these days. With the advancements in the hair transplant procedure nowadays it is apparently possible to achieve high density hair transplant if the situation seem favourable.

Hair transplant is an outpatient surgical procedure which involves transplanting the hair grafts at the recipient bald area which are harvested from the donor area. The hair transplant is an elective procedure which can be chosen by anyone who is in need but first the candidature should be confirmed by the hair transplant surgeon. The appointment should be scheduled for complete assessment in order to ensure the feasibility of the hair transplant procedure in your case.

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The hair transplant procedure uses your own hair from the areas of your body where permanent hair roots reside. These permanent hair roots when are transplanted to the desired bald area they stay permanent for life-time. The most common area which is used as donor area includes back and sides of the head and alternatively body hairs could be used.

Few of the hair transplant surgeons in Indiahave been known for providing the world class hair transplant outcomes. They are enlisted among the best hair transplant surgeons across the globe. Despite the provision of going under the knife of the world renowned hair transplant surgeons the hair transplant cost in India is very affordable.

Medispa hair transplant clinic is one of the most leading hair transplant clinic in India who is renowned for world class hair transplant outcomes. We have in house huge infrastructure and a state of art operatory to perform the hair transplant. Dr Suneet Soni is one of the best hair transplant surgeon who is well known for his exemplary surgical skills. He is specialized for performing hair transplant with extremely natural looking hairline.  He has record of performing the hair transplant with least damage rate of hair graft of less than 1%.

Can hair transplant assist in enhancing hair density?

Yes, hair transplant procedures are surely competent in providing the high density hair transplant. The hair transplant procedures use your own hair for transplantation and cover the bald area but for that the hair density should be ample at the donor area. Including, achieving high density hair transplant could be possible if the hair transplant surgeon you have opted has expertise in performing hair transplant.

How to achieve high density hair transplant surgery?

There are ways by which it is possible for hair transplant surgeon to provide the high density hair transplant if the donor area is sufficient which include:

  1. Proper hair transplant technique: Choosing the right hair transplant technique is crucial for the successful outcomes. Most of the hair transplant clinics rely on a single technique to perform the hair transplant in every patient which is unfair for the procedure to be successful. The appropriate choice of technique provides the provision of maximum hair density at the bald area. The FUT technique is preferred when looking for high density hair transplant. This technique successfully provides 3000 -3500 hair grafts.
  1. Minimal damage rate of hair grafts: It is wise to choose an expert and experienced hair transplant surgeon if you are looking for high density hair transplant. An expert hair transplant would surely ensure the least damage to hair grafts while harvesting the grafts by either method FUT and FUE. FUE hair transplant technique is prone to damage of hair grafts as the procedure involves harvesting of hair grafts based on assumptions of location. Including, the pulling forces applied while extracting the hair grafts makes the grafts more prone to damage if the out of body time is more. The efficient hair transplant team is also a requirement for careful handling of the hair graft.
  2. Combination technique of FUT and FUE: Combination technique provides the provision of harvesting more than 4000 hair graft which makes it a competent technique in delivering high density hair transplant. In this technique maximum hair grafts are harvested using the FUT technique which could harvest approximately 3000 – 3500 hair graft. The residual grafts are extracted using the FUE technique which is an added advantage as there will be less damage to hair grafts.
  3. Proper selection of hair graft for maximum benefits: The hair grafts are selected appropriately based on the location of their transplantation.  There is extended hairline zone which is considered crucial area for delivering the best outcomes. Single hair grafts are preferably inserted in the frontal area and temporal triangles for achieving the natural looking hairline. Multiple thick grafts are transplanted specifically in the rear rows probably from the third row to provide a dense look.

Therefore, the key to successful high density hair transplant is choosing the right hair transplant clinic and an exemplary hair transplant surgeon. For the best assistance on high density hair transplant, visit Medispa hair transplant clinic.

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