How To Avoid Conflict In Divorce And Family Law Matters

Posted by Kinman and Associates on March 12th, 2021

Conflicts just make divorce, separation, and custody cases more complicated. The people involved should take extra measures in preventing unnecessary conflicts so that everything can flow effectively without the added stress.

Understand Different Conflict Management Styles

You would want to learn more about conflict management styles. In Thomas Kilman’s writings, he stated that people typically have 5 different responses to conflicts. Everyone can take advantage of these different styles of conflict management depending on their needs and personalities.

The first style is called Accommodating. This style typically involves people who are less assertive and have a cooperative attitude. It’s good to manage conflicts based on this style by making decisions on what would maintain the peace most.

Competing style tends to be more difficult with the individuals involved generally less cooperative and more headstrong. This is when legal representatives or experts in family law in Burnaby can help. It’s good to have a third party experienced in family law in Burnaby involved to mediate the conflicts.

The complete opposite of the competing style is the Avoiding style. This is when the individuals try to avoid conflicts as such as possible to the point that the best interests of the child are not considered. Again, someone with a lot of experience in family law in Burnaby can give advice to the people involved.

Perhaps the best methods of conflict resolution are Compromising and Collaborating. Both parties are assertive but there is a balance between this and cooperativeness. They also actively take part in the resolution of the conflict, taking into consideration the needs of the child.

Minimizing Stress Stimuli

A part of managing conflicts is also managing stress. It’s much more difficult to resolve disputes when the environment is highly stressful. It’s important for mediators to create a calm environment when resolving disputes so that the parties can take the matters with a clear mindset and will be able to keep their emotions out of the way.

Hire the Right People

Conflicts are usually a part of divorce or separation. Parents care about their children a lot, so it is also inevitable that there will be disagreements as to how parenting the kids will go. Many of those who get into these disputes also have no idea what their roles and rights are.

This is why it is vital that you hire the right people who are experts in family law in Burnaby such as Kinman & Associates. You need the best advice when it comes to minimizing conflicts and handling them when they arise.

Getting the help of professionals in this field also ensures that you won’t be at a disadvantage and can help you get into fair agreements with the other party.

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