Natural treatments to stop hair fall

Posted by dawson12 on March 27th, 2015

Experts claim hair fall is inevitable. No matter how healthy your hair and scalp may be, there are always a few strands of hair left in your towel or hairbrush. We are told to believe that is perfectly normal. What is not normal, however, is anything more than that.

If you see there are strands of hair breaking away every time you brush or clumps just coming off while you wash or dry your hair, there is clearly something to be concerned about. Hair loss and hair fall is a sign of an unhealthy body and even a disturbed mind and it needs to be looked into.

Hair loss, whether rapid or otherwise, occurs for many reasons and they aren’t always easy to pinpoint. Shampoos that claim to reduce hair fall rarely come close to delivering on their promise. After a few washes with the new shampoo, your hair begins falling like before once again. In case you firmly believe there are deep-seated problems behind all your hair loss, you can always visit a doctor. Or, you can do what most people all over the world resort to, natural homemade remedies for hair loss.

There are a variety of tried and tested natural treatments for hair loss that guarantee results.

Balanced diet

In most cases, hair loss is a result of an unhealthy diet. Irregular eating habits further aggravates the condition. The moment you realize you’re suffering from excessive hair loss, your first step should be to regularize your diet and start eating healthy.

Protein promotes hair growth and strengthens your hair. Consume adequate amounts of protein in your daily diet. Include eggs, meat, pulses, seeds, nuts, etc. all your meals. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables of varying kinds too.

Lack of iron causes loss of hair. If you are anemic, you should increase your iron intake by eating more iron-rich food.

Getting help

Like many other medical conditions, stress is a prime deterrent of hair growth and causes a lot of loss. If you have no outlet for your stress and cannot find a way out of it, consider speaking to a professional. In this case, hair loss is not your prime concern, but what lies behind it. Getting help will not just help your hair problems, but your life in general.

Oil massage

Sometimes, all you need is a nice warm hair oil massage for some relaxation. But done on a regular basis, it can work wonders for your hair loss problem too. You can use any one of a host of natural oils that promote hair growth. Almond, coconut, castor, olive oils all work to great advantage and yield fast results.

At times what starts off as a simple enough hair fall problem can lead to a hair condition called alopecia areata where hair fall over, over a period of time, develops into bald patches on the scalp. While the natural treatments for alopecia areata mentioned above are worth trying, it is advisable to consult a doctor too.

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