Divorce Law practised at Singapore

Posted by vendelajar on March 27th, 2015

For any couple who are planning to get divorced it is important to try reconciliation once. The option of divorce is stressful and is unpleasant for anyone. Especially the children are affected of such situations. In this article, we have discussed about the Divorce Law that is in practice at Singapore.

Getting a Divorce


This is one of the toughest decisions in anyone’s life. No one takes up this decision wantedly and it is just that some relations do not work out well. If your decision is final then you need to go through many requirements before the courts grants a divorce.

As per the rules followed at Singapore, you can file for divorce only after 3 years of marriage, at situations where things cannot be all right. If you want to divorce before that then you must have a special permission from the court. This permission is also granted only when you have suffered a lot in your relation and cannot handle it anymore. The lawyer plays a major role here as they guide you appropriately as per situations.

You can also apply for divorce once you give the proof to judge for the below

•        Adultery

•        Awkward behaviour

•        Neglect for at least two years without any assurance of returning

It is important to understand if both of you readily take divorce then it is necessary for you to be separated for at least three years. In a situation where your wife/husband does not want to take divorce then, you need to be separated for four years so that your divorce is considered.

Married for Less Than 3 Years


For the situations where people are married for less than three years you get the special permission as mentioned above. This permission is Known as "leave of Court", and is provided in situations where

•        You prove your portion of suffering in the relationship

•        Ill treatment from partner

Singapore Divorce are comprised in two stages:


  • The Interim Judgment - This is where the court decides whether or not to accept your divorce proposal
  • Final Judgment - This is where the court decides their final solution including issues pertaining to children (if any), maintenance, and assets owned by either or both of you.

The Divorce Law practiced in Singapore is very strict and checks through each cases crucially. Therefore, one must take appropriate decision keeping the law and all the legal issues in mind.

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