Price action trading

Posted by tedmark on March 27th, 2015

Over the past few years, a new concept has started to emerge in the world of financial speculations. This goes under the name of "price action trading" and refers to the technical analysis of the price of a security, with the purpose of understanding more about its future behavior. To learn more about how to make money with Forex, register for some courses or corsi Forex.

Forex is a global market where currencies of all sorts are traded. In other words, traders buy money at a certain price, hoping to sell it at a higher price, thus obtaining a profit. Instead of relying on predictions on how the financial market would change in the future, experienced traders take other strategy into consideration. The name of this strategy is price action trading and focuses on the price history of a certain security.

This history is presented in the form of a chart and includes all the values that the security’s price has experienced over time. Besides observing how the price of a currency, bond, or derivative has changed, traders can also use other techniques of analysis to get a clearer view over the financial market, where they plan to invest their money. It is always recommended that traders combine various strategies when trying to increase their income.

To learn more about the foreign exchange market and how to invest your money wisely, take some courses or corsi Forex. During such courses, students learn the basics of Forex, understand more about the most popular currencies and their purchasing power in relation to other currencies, and even get the chance to invest some virtual money in a stock or company.

Dealing with actual money helps future traders understand better the mechanisms behind financial markets and gives them more confidence to trade currencies in the future. A course on Forex usually has two parts, a theoretical part that describes all the concepts that need to be understood by a trader in order to start trading, and a practical part that is represented by a demo account created on a trading platform.

This trading platform can exist on the Internet or it can be a simple software that one has to download and install on their computer to be able to learn how to trade. Depending on their evolution, students can switch to real trading in about several weeks. Of course, a student that does not invest enough time in learning the ropes of Forex could require more than just two or three weeks until they start to trade real money.

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