The advantages of a surgical mesh

Posted by juanoliv3 on March 27th, 2015

A surgical mesh is an absorbable or non-absorbable product used by surgeons as a support for organs during surgery or after it. The most common use of such product is for hernia repair. To buy a hernia surgery mesh or any other surgical device, people need to visit a surgical supply store.

Meshes are organic or inorganic woven sheets used as support for organs during or after surgery. They are mainly used for hernia repair surgery. Hernia is a surgical condition that refers to an organ or part of an organ penetrating the cavity that contains it.

Hernia can have many causes, but it is usually generated by heavy weight lifting. People who are not used to lifting heavy objects can start to suffer from back pain, nausea and even bowel obstruction. However, some of these problems may not indicate a hernia, but other health problems.

Also, there are people who may indeed suffer from hernia, but which may not present any of the symptoms mentioned before. That is why, it is important to visit a physician at least once a year and have your entire body checked.

Hernia is best treated by surgery. While there are therapies that can alleviate pain, they do not have the same result as surgery. This is where surgical meshes prove to be effective. They are used during surgery as a temporary support for organs, and also after surgery.

Meshes used after surgery can be divided into two categories: temporary or permanent. Temporary meshes are degraded over time and permanent meshes are there to stay. After being integrated into the human body, they affect somehow the patient, but after he or she gets used to them, they become part of their body and do not cause any distress whatsoever.

Patients do not need to look for a surgical mesh themselves, as they are available in hospitals and surgical centers. But they have the right to ask about the mesh that will be inserted into their body and, if they do not like the material the mesh is made from, they can require another mesh.

Surgeons need to inform their patients or the relatives of their patients, in case the patients are unconscious or not responsible for their actions, about the procedure and materials used to improve patients’ condition. A hernia repair surgery can last from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the seriousness of the problem.

A hernia surgery mesh can be a support for any organ affected by hernia. The most common hernias are the hiatus hernia, umbilical hernia, femoral hernia and inguinal hernia. Other hernias can affect the colon, blood vessels, and perineal muscles.

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