Common Errors of Marine Speed Logs You Should Know About

Posted by Kratika on March 12th, 2021

All ships of 300 GRT and upwards together with all passenger ships irrespective of size need to be fitted with a speed and distance measuring device to indicate speed and distance through water. That’s where the marine speed log comes in handy as it measures speed and distance through water. No wonder it is a must have before your ship finally sets sail.

But before you invest in a new marine speed log and have it installed, you need to do your homework and get all the facts right. After all, some brands may not meet your expectation no matter how hard you try. Fortunately, we are here to offer a helping hand. Keep reading to learn about some of the common errors of marine speed logs you should know about.

Error Due to Ship’s Motion

When the ship is moving, there are times when it may not move in fore and aft direction. Instead, the ship may yaw, roll or pitch. If the ship does that, the angle of the beam changes. Actually, this happens in different trim and list cases of the vessel. To eliminate this error, be sure to collect the data from more than one beam.

Through this action, any positive error in data of one beam will be cancelled by the negative error from the data of the second beam. That’s why you need to figure out how a marine speed log can solve this error before making a purchase.

Error Due to Change in Velocity of Sound in Water

You may already know about the velocity of sound in water but that’s only in ideal conditions and at a particular temperature. But as the sea water temperature changes, the velocity of the sound waves in water would change drastically. If let uncorrected, this would bring an error in the marine speed log readings.

The good news is that you can correct this error hassle-free by having a temperature sensor fitted near to the transducer, which is responsible for measuring the sea water temperature. It is then that the correction in speed of sound in water because of temperature is applied in the processing unit of the marine speed log.

These are just but some of the common errors of marine speed logs you should know about before you can finally make the necessary payments.

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