uCiC App: Helping You Know Everything Happening Around In The World

Posted by ricky26 on March 28th, 2015

In a technology driven world, lifestyle of the people is guided by a number of things and Smartphone, which has made communication and personal entertainment – a mobile activity, form an integral part of it. Apart from making and receiving phone calls and text messages, tech savvy consumers these days rely heavily on their smartphones as these handy devices allow them to play games, songs and movies, take photos and videos, surf internet and use social media sites, everything on the go. Plus, there are a wide range of mobile apps available in the market, which are designed to make day-to-day activities easy and simple.

Among the various mobile apps available out there, uCiC (you see I see) is a cutting edge application that is different and unique in its own ways. The  ucic  is a social networking app or to be more precise location based visual question and answer app for iPhones and the Android Smartphones developed by Snapwise Inc. that empowers users to receive responses to the questions best answered via photographs and videos posted by other users. With  uCiC app,  you can post request of pictures about any place, venue, or event anywhere in the world and get real-time updates and information from the fellow users. You can find out what is happening at any specific place or city in the world by gaining direct access to images and videos posted by fellow users.

The uCiC app is designed and programmed by a pool of qualified and highly trained app developers with vast experience in the specific domain. The app is extremely innovative, wonderful and above all, easy-to-use. For your Android device, you candownload ucic app playstore  and get it installed on your device. You can choose a point of interest on the given map and check out the entire users around that specific location anonymously. You can post request about what you want to know and all the active users in that specific location receive your request. Fellow users can choose to respond to your request by clicking photos and sending it. By helping others, users can earn Karma points which they can further use to make their own requests.

Through uCiC app, you can get real-time information and updates, which ultimately save you time and efforts and you can easily compare and make well informed decisions about clubbing and partying. You just have to download the app from  uCiC playstore  from the Google Play Store.

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