Tips For Surviving Prostate Cancer Treatment

Posted by CancerInformation on March 28th, 2015

If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, chances are you have a ton of questions about what comes next. Treatment for this particular disease may not be fun, but you can get through it even if more advanced treatments such as surgery and chemotherapy are required. In many cases, prostate seed implants are a feasible treatment option, which can mean the road to recovery may very well be rather smooth indeed.

No matter what form of treatment is recommended, however, there are some strategies that can help you cope as you battle the disease.

Give Yourself Time to Decompress

Getting the initial diagnosis of prostate cancer comes as a big shock to many men. The reality is it’s a lot to process and chances are that won’t happen on Day One. Take a breather to come to grips with the diagnosis and then start asking questions of your doctor. Play it safe and schedule a follow up appointment in a day or two so you have time to consider all the questions you want to ask.

Write Down Your Questions

With that follow up scheduled, take the time to write down all the questions you have about next steps, what to expect and so on. Chances are your doctor will have a treatment plan in mind. If so, ask about it and what all the possible treatment options are when you go for that follow up.

Prepare for Treatment

If you’re a candidate for prostate seed implants, your road to recovery might be less involved than others. Those facing chemo, surgery and possibly radiation might have a bit more prep work to do. Either way, take the time to understand the treatments and get ready by:

  • Notifying work or friends and family of what to expect
  • Scheduling the time off for the procedures
  • Coming up with a game plan for chemo. If this treatment is required, you’ll probably want to go about your normal routine as much as possible, but keep in mind, you may find yourself feeling rather drained, tired and even physically sick. Get ready by lessening your load, stocking up on healthy foods that are easy for chemo patients to stomach and readying those around you – and yourself – for the potential that a few days where you just don’t feel like yourself will be coming.

Prostate cancer treatment offers many options. Taking the time to understand them and what to expect can make getting through a whole lot easier. Just be sure to give yourself a little time to process the information and then prepare a game plan with an eye on winning.

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Dr. Echt and his team at the Prostate Seed Institute offer the most highly sophisticated methods of radiation therapy available in the United States, equal to that found in major medical center and academic settings. These include prostate seed implantation, high dose radiation implants, and external beam radiation with image-guided and intensity-modulated (IGRT and IMRT) capabilities.

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