Strategies for keeping cool air in your house and warm air outside

Posted by John on March 29th, 2015

Like your car, your air conditioner will operate better and much more efficiently when properly maintained and looked after. Energy efficiency, cooling effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness all improve when you're operating a properly maintained ac system. Here are some ideas to keep your air conditioning in san diego program in tip-top shape.

1. Keep the filters clean.
The single most significant maintenance task any system owner is capable of doing is to keep the actual unit’s air filters thoroughly clean and fresh. Changing your own air filters can improve your unit’s efficiency through 5-15%. A dirty filtration system can clog and prevent airways, diminishing airflow and permitting dirty air to avoid the filter and flow back to the coils. This could create much more maintenance issues.

Some kinds of filters are reusable, making cleaning them vital towards the operation of your device. Others need to be replaced regularly. Check with your system’s manufacturer recommendations to find out which type of filter you've and how to correctly clean or replace this.

2. Clean your coils.
Your unit’s evaporator as well as condenser coils collect dust and dirt with time. A clean filter helps prevent this from happening prematurely, but it will occur eventually. To keep your own coils clean, you have to keep your filters thoroughly clean. You also need to maintain any dirt and debris from your coils, especially within outdoor units. Trim back any foliage which may be growing around the device and check every year to make certain that leaves, dirt, and other debris haven't gotten on the coils.

Make certain your indoor unit’s coils are free from dust and dirt. This may require a San Diego air conditioning technician every single child access and clean this properly.

3. Clean as well as inspect your ducts.
Filthy, unfiltered air in your ducts may cause your unit to shed efficiency. Check ductwork with regard to leaks periodically. Leaky ducts can result in lost air, less air conditioning, and an overall inefficient ac system. Most reputable ac companies will inspect your ducting while they're out to maintain the body, just ask!
4. Keep an eye on your thermostat.

Make sure your thermostat keeps a precise temperature. Setting your thermostat in between 76 and 78 degrees when you're home and higher when you're away will force your unit to operate less, making it much more energy efficient and maintaining cooling costs down. Installing a programmable thermostat will also save deterioration on you unit. Setting your thermostat in a higher temperature when a person aren’t home can cut around 3-6% off your air conditioning bills, and a programmable or perhaps a smart sensing thermostat in your heating in san diego system can steer clear of the “oops, I forgot in order to reset the temperature” issue.

5. Unclog your drains.
Your condensate drains could possibly get clogged with dirt, particles, and hard water debris. Clogged drains can prevent your air conditioner from properly removing moisture in the air. This can cause discoloration and damage of the walls, furniture, and carpets and rugs. It also creates an ideal environment for mildew and mold growth in your ductwork. Avoid clogged condensate drains in your air conditioner by having an annual maintenance in your system.

Your air conditioning unit’s capability to cool your home, decrease extra humidity, and keep the wallet from becoming an awesome, dry place devoid of cash will depend greatly on how you maintain it. A properly maintained ac system can keep a person cool and comfortable without having to be a cash drain. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional to inspect and gaze after your air conditioning program. Keep your cool through keeping your cool thoroughly clean.

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