6 Marketing Pointers For Your Blockchain Startup

Posted by rockmartin on March 12th, 2021

Blockchain is a developing technology, which is why a large number of investors compare it to Medusa, the mythical creature of Greek mythology that arouses interest but is best kept hidden.  If you're seeking to get your blockchain company off the ground, you understand how difficult it is to present your idea to investors and make it appealing enough to invest in, particularly as opposed to other types of businesses.

More vitality to you if you have created an amazing new blockchain or cryptocurrency-based solution.  You will need, though, need to put in extra work to attract the attention of investors.

What Is The Reason For This?

For instance, blockchain application technologies are intangible, difficult to inspect items.  Many investors are still concerned that, since blockchain is nonetheless in its childhood, there is no specific historical evidence to back up its future performance. To top it off, this concept necessitates a huge amount of money or cryptocurrencies in order to get started.

So, if you're prepared to take your blockchain startup to the next stage, here are a few pointers to get you started in your Blockchain Promotion.

Create A Website First.

In today's world, no company marketing campaign is complete without a strong website.  If you look at any of the well-known blockchain startups, you'll find that they all have well-designed websites with a ton of useful information. Create a website for your new business with a simple vision, objective, and "about us" pages.  Including valuable data such as the market challenge your product can resolve, the history of your team, and token details. Make the website's architecture as simple, elegant, and trendy as possible.  It's likewise a smart idea to have educational videos that demonstrate your product and/or vision.

Enlist The Help Of Publishing Experts To Write For Your Business.

A traditional blockchain investor does not waste much time on Facebook or Twitter; instead, they choose to read Business.com or Forbes.  Getting proven web publishers to write about your concept or proposal is one of the easiest ways to grab (and keep) their interest.

Many networks will be delighted to hear from you if your blockchain solution fixes a dilemma or supports humanity in a novel way.  Simply email them a suggestion that is straightforward, concise, plain, and interesting.

Create A White Paper

 A white paper is a comprehensive, definitive article designed to assist readers in solving a problem, comprehending a dilemma, or making a decision.  You should write a white paper on your blockchain service/product by posing a current problem and then describing how you want to fix it. Remember that potential clients and buyers will continue to learn everything they can about the company and the complex technologies involved.  A white paper will aid them in this endeavor.

Your paper can be published on your website, LinkedIn account, Online Whitepapers site, and other industry-specific websites.  You should also contact opinion leaders in the blockchain community to see if they'd be interested in promoting your white paper on their social media accounts or websites.

Discover The Tribe

While blockchain is a relatively recent technology, it has without a doubt attracted a large number of devoted and enthusiastic supporters online.  Thousands of observant people enjoy participating in social media networks and web communities (like Reddit). Generate new material about your ideas and post it on these sites to communicate with these passionate audiences.  Consider engaging with like-minded individuals on Telegram, which is one of the few sites where blockchain enthusiasts get together and talk about new technologies.

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