Breast Augmentation as a means to regaining self confidence

Posted by jamesdaniel215 on March 30th, 2015

Cosmetic Surgery is often credited to vanity and people fail to see the impact it has on a person’s self confidence and morale. While some argue that altering one’s appearance just because there is some imperfection or the other isn’t worth it at all, it does boil down to individual choice and in most cases the radical difference and impact on the psyche cannot be simply overlooked. Take breast implants for instance. Some women may need it post a medical surgery or post sex change however some may simply feel that their breasts aren’t adequate enough and may not be feeling confident with their natural state. A breast implant in such cases can do wonders in terms of improving the appearance and also for the patient’s confidence levels. Read on to learn all you need to know about implants and breast augmentation.

Breast Implants – An overview

Perhaps the most prominent of features in a woman, the breasts are also the most beautiful of bodily assets for a woman. This is the reason why many women with small breasts feel shy or inadequate. In some women, it can also lead to a complex and low self esteem and breast implants – the surgical option to augment or enlarge one’s breasts are the solution to such issues.

A breast augmentation surgery can benefit the following women:

•A woman with small breasts
•A woman who has undergone surgical treatments that have involved breast removal – mastectomy
•Sex Change Surgery patients
•Anyone with a desire to improve their breast size

Selecting the right implant – a crucial factor

There are a variety of implants to be considered and they are: saline implants, silicone implants, round breast implants, smooth texture implants and gummy bear implants. Choosing the right implant for you is essential and care needs to be exercised when deciding the volume and size in question. While it might be very tempting to opt for fuller and prominent sizes, one should also consider the proportions of one’s body and go with the surgeon’s recommendation for what is best suited to one’s body.

With the variety of breast enlargement options available today, it would be wise to consider all options such as fat transfer from other parts of the body or artificial implants and also the scarring aspects, recoup period, extent of surgical exploration and incision length, etc. A good support system, considering all options above and understanding what a breast augmentation surgery entails and discussing the pros and cons at length is essential before opting for the procedure.

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