What makes the Manhattan LASIK Center so special?

Posted by aceofdent on March 30th, 2015

The unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits of people have pushed them to a poor vision and many other eye problems. Continuous use of the computers has also impacted the eyesight of people resulting in myopia, metropia etc and ultimately specs. Maximum Americans are having the same problem and most of them want to get rid of the specs, and for this they go for laser eye treatment. If you stay around the Manhattan tri-state area then the best place to visit for vision problems is the Manhattan LASIK center. People from all around the tri-state area have visited the center and have obtained outstanding results out of their LASIK and LASEK surgeries.

The center is headed by Dr. Niksarli who is an experience holder of more than 70,000 LASIK and LASEK surgeries in his career of just 15 years. Isn’t that a great figure? The center also has a team of highly qualified and well managed staff and surgeons which are all guided by Dr. Niksarli. Each eye surgery here takes place under his guidance and with his consent. There are other important facts too which will make you choose the center for LASIK treatment.

The exclusive board of surgeons

If you visit the website of the Manhattan LASIK center you would simply become aware that how well educated and experienced surgeons are present here. They specialize in Laser vision correction, cornea treatment and other similar surgeries. The doctors are also well experienced in performing the refractive surgeries. The experience which the doctors have gained here with each successful surgery has made them above the general doctors providing LASIK and LASEK treatment.

Leaders of the tri-state area

The Manhattan LASIK centers have branches in Manhattan, New York and New Jersey. Patients from these areas and its suburbs have gained excellent result in their treatment. The word-to-mouth publicity has made the center quite popular and one of the leading place in the eye care services.

Use of the most cutting-edge technologies

As we all know that the LASIK operation does not makes use of any surgical tools and blades; instead user of Laser beam is done for creating flap in the corneal tissue. The most cutting-edge technologies like Nidek, IntraLase and Visx Star S4 CustomVue are used at the Manhattan LASIK center for providing a painless experience to the patients.

Award Winning Staff

It’s an interesting fact to know that the dean of the center i.e. Dr. Niksarli is an award winning medical practitioner and many other surgeons who are a part of it are also award winning professionals. The synchronization amongst each staff member, the surgeons and Dr. Niksarli has made the each surgery successful with outstanding result.

Best Testimonials

The best means of developing confidence of people is by word-to-mouth publicity. The excellent comments and testimonial provided by the patients are more than enough to narrate the success story of the Manhattan LASIK center.

If you have any sort of eye problems, don’t worry, simply visit the center for assistance and get instant vision treatment.

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